Hypocrite Watch: When Tony Stark Built A Computer To Predict Future Attacks

Civil War II (2016-) 001-023We have seen how Tony Stark reacted to the existence of Ulysses, an Inhuman who has visions of imminent danger. Either he can see the future or can work out the future mathematically through probability, no one seems to be exactly sure.

Civil War II (2016-) 002-018

But one person who is sure is Tony Stark and he doesn't like it. No sir, not one bit.

Civil War II (2016-) 001-032

Which is funny, because back in the nineties this kind of thing was right up his street. Remember Force Works? The Avengers spinoff team set up by Tony Stark but led by the Scarket Witch?

ForceWorks001-05And how exactly were they proactive? Why but using the Chaos Computer.ForceWorks003-02-03


Please, explain Tony…ForceWorks003-04 Okay, not only does Tony Stark look more like a creepy old man than ever, but isn;t this exactly what Ulysses is meant to do? Predict the future using probability and stuff? With a but of power mojo to boot?



And it comes in handy. Force Works gallivant around the place, solving problems as – or before – they break out.ForceWorks003-23Now, some people take advantage of this, delete predictions and the like. But at no point does the Chaos Computer, you know, turn sentient and attack people, so it has that on the Danger Room.

ForceWorks004-04 It just becomes a very useful tool. And yes, along the way, as a result of their actions, Wonder Man dies. But no one starts a Civil War over it.



When Force Works ends, the computer stays around at the Force base. There's no sign of what happened to it next. Maybe it's still there, predicting the future, with no one to listen to it or get outraged about it.

Still being run by the Plato artificial intelligence. Who must be getting lonely by now…

FW 9-14

Anyway. Tony Stark? Hypocrite!

Civil War II (2016-) 001-033

Force Works writer Dan Abnett is also writing Civil War II: Gods Of War. No mention of the Chaos Computer has yet been made.

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