IDW Publish Ben Templesmith's The Squidder In July


Funded on Kickstarter at the end of last year, to the tune of $137,000, The Squidder is Ben Templesmith's new work, and will be serialised by IDW from July.

This all-new four-issue series finds an old soldier from a forgotten war in a post-apocalyptic world that has left him behind. He was one of the last of the legendary Squidder Legions. Can a discarded relic with a death wish and a rebellious Squid priestess overthrow humanity's tentacled alien overlords? Ben Templesmith returns to his roots to finally do the tentacle/Cthulhu-orientated book he's always promised! The Squidder mixes action, horror, science fiction, and fantasy elements with a touch of Squidly destruction.

And because it was on Kickstarter, there's loads of art out there to show off…

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