Internal Continuity – A New Stage For The Geek Chorus

Internal Continuity – A New Stage For The Geek ChorusA new comic book-based play by Shaun McLaughlin, Internal Continuity, will premiere on Friday September 9th at the Road Less Traveled Theater in Buffallo, New York, running until the beginning of October. The play is described;

It might be the end of the Golden Age for nerdy thirtysomething fanboys Efrin, Shelby, and Buster when Efrin finally discovers the fairer sex. Will Shelby and Buster be able to dissuade their lifelong friend from the Dark Side of the Force? Will tabletop gaming night survive?!" Internal Continuity will star popular RLTP regulars Matt Witten, Dave Hayes, and RLTP Resident Actor Bob Grabowski as the central trio, and also introduces Sara Kow-Falcone, Aaron Krygier, and Bethany Sparacio to the RLTT stage for the first time. RLTP Artistic Director Scott Behrend helms the production.

So, basically, what happens when fanboys discover women. Three Geeks meets Big Bang Theory meets.,.. more Big Bang Theory.

That inspiration allows the play to mine humor not just from the protagonists' peculiar hobbies, offered Behrend, but also organically from their characters. "The comedy starts out very specific, observing these developmentally stunted guys and their geeky interests… but then becomes much more universal as they meet women, try to expand their horizons, and finally attempt to relate to each other as human beings instead of just as fellow connoisseurs of trivia."


"Internal Continuity offers both the highly referential cultural comedy made popular by shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy while simultaneously remaining steeped in classic character-driven humor in the Neil Simon vein… As a result, every patron will find a lot at which to laugh."

Kill me. Kill me now.

"I think, at its core, this is a play that's not about making fun of people who are different….but about finding common ground with people who are different… after making fun of them… You have to start someplace."

No actually, kill someone else instead.

Shaun McLaughlin has written and produced cartoons such as Pinky and the Brain , Batman Beyond and Static Shock. Some of them were good as well, so you never know. Tickets can be found here.

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