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Something Rotten! Review: Broadway's Shakespearian Romp Lands In San Francisco
It's a comedic look at late 16th-century London and the rock-star status of The Bard, William Shakespeare (played here by Adam Pascal, who also played the original cast of Rent as Roger Davis). With all of London swooning at Will's every word, two playwrights:  Nick (played by Rob McClure) and Nigel Bottom (Josh Grisetti) are struggling[...]
February's 'Play' Loot Crate Has A KidRobot Vinyl In It
The theme is "Play" – and that includes references to "tabletop to video, board games, card games, RPGs, desk toys and more" And there's a Loot Crate exclusive edition of a "popular tabletop title" and a gamer/geek story… If that's floating your boat, click here and use the BLEEDINGCOOL password for added discount. [...]
Internal Continuity – A New Stage For The Geek Chorus
A new comic book-based play by Shaun McLaughlin, Internal Continuity, will premiere on Friday September 9th at the Road Less Traveled Theater in Buffallo, New York, running until the beginning of October The play is described; It might be the end of the Golden Age for nerdy thirtysomething fanboys Efrin, Shelby, and Buster when [...]