Is This Who The New Teen Titans Will Be? (Titan Hunt SPOILERS)


So this is the cover to today's Titans Hunt, the comic threatening to bring back the original Teen Titans to the DC Universe. But which original Teen Titans? There are plenty to choose from.

And we get a blast from the past when we have Speedy, yes, Speedy, buy some booze before (literally) falling off the wagon.


Gnaart. That's right, caveman Gnaark, an early Teen Titan who never even got a proper codename. I think he was called John Gnaark at one point.

Well, it appears that this, as well as his DC status, is about to change.


Okay, first we have to get past an obligatory Dick Grayson-in-a-slipping bathtowel scene, of course. But the final page seems to lay it all out for us…

Gnaark is now Caveboy. But we have a new Wonder Girl, Hawk, Dove, Aqualad, Speedy, Robin and… ooh look, Herald as well.

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