Jim Lee Auctions Sketches Every Day To Raise Money for Comic Shops

Legendary comic book creator Jim Lee is the sole publisher of DC Comics, in Burbank, California. But like everyone else, he is stuck at home right now. And with some comic book retailers screaming blue murder over DC Comics' plan to continue with digital comic distribution this Wednesday, and potentially using regional print distribution channels, meaning that locked-down stores will be at a competitive loss going forward, Jim Lee looks to be doing what he can to help. And that means spending his time sketching and auctioning off the sketches, a new one each day, with the money going to a different comic book shop every day. Basically, Jim Lee is doing what he does best.

Jim Lee at the premiere of "The Kitchen" at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash, August 06, 2019
Jim Lee photo by Paul Smith/Featureflash.

So today, Jim Lee began with a certain Dick Grayson saying "Nightwing! Here's a chance to get some original art and do something good during these unprecedented times. I'll be drawing and posting 60 different sketches—one a day over the next two months which I will then be auctioning off with all the proceeds going to different random brick and mortar stores. High bidder of each sketch gets to pick the next DC character I draw for the very next sketch! No character to be repeated! PLEASE DO NOT BID NOW. Will start officially this Wednesday (4/1) but just wanted to give all of you who want to participate a heads up. #sketchingathome #notanaprilsfoolsjoke #DCcharactersonly"

jim lee nightwing sketch
Photo/sketch by Jim Lee

Follow along with Jim Lee's sketches – and his locked-down-life – on his Instagram channel. As he says, DC Comics characters only, so why not set him a challenge? Something he'll have to do some googling over. May I suggest to begin… The British version of Superman from John Cleese and John Byrne's True Brit as a place to start? And keep up with Bleeding Cool's coverage of the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the comic book industry with this tag.

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