Jonathan Kent, Superman, Has A New Look – This Cover Lied To You

As part of the Superman panel at San Diego Comic-Con@Home, DC editor-in-chief Marie Javins corralled the Superman troops to talk about the current Superman comic books remotely from Hawaii. She was joined by Tom Taylor, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Mikel Janin, and Grant Morrison from across the world. There were lots to talk about, but one moment of note was when Marie Javins talked about the new comic Jonathan Kent, Son Of Kal-El, with a new Superman of Earth taking Clark Kent's place, his son. Marie Javins asked Superman and Action Comics writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson "why would Clark step away from his family and the Justice League?" We got a general idea, if not the specifics.

Jonathan Kent, Superman, Will Get A New Look - The Cover Lied To You
Not the look of Jonathan Kent, Superman… this is a lie.

Johnson stated, "Clark doesn't feel like he has much choice in the decision he's about to make. The things he's going to do, he's compelled to do. if that makes sense. A big part of the War World Rising story reminds him that he doesn't exclusively belong to Earth. That he's a part of the universe and multiverse, and in this arc, he's reminded of that, he finds himself faced with an injustice that's too great for him to ignore, something he has to deal with…. Part of that has been establishing Superman's relationship with his son John and leaving John behind. If anything, this  makes his decision to leave a little easier…  because of the trust that he has in John as a hero, that he has in John is in his character, his judgment, his power, his maturity, and he knows that Earth is going to be safe in his absence… as much as I love writing them together, a father and son team, he knows that Earth is safe with John and that's a big part of what sets up John as the Superman of Earth."

Jonathan Kent, Superman, Will Get A New Look - The Cover Lied To You

But what about the look? Marie asked Tom Taylor, "you also have a new look for your Superman or John Kent?" Indeed he, and artist John Timms does. And it appears that we have been lied to by solicitations. "What you've seen on the cover to issue one will change. So yes, Superman, our Superman, John Kent, will be getting a new look." Talking of John Timms, "John's just really, really, really good, so it was one of those instances where he actually he had it before I came on board. We'd been talking for a long time about doing this book, but he had this look, and it was instantly just, yes, that's it. Normally, I'm really, really, really fussy, annoyingly so, but for this, I was 'that looks wonderful, go.'" Marie Javins also pressed to see if Lois Lane had a new look, and no, she hasn't, not even a new haircut…. watch the full panel here.



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