Josh Trujillo and Cara McGee Launch Teen Comedy About Dodgeball in Dodge City at BOOM! Box

A new BOOM! Studios comic aims to put a new spin on the game of dodgeball. Dodge City, by Josh Trujillo and Cara McGee, is a sports comic/teen comedy about a competitive dodgeball team's quest for dodgeball gold and glory. A press release explains the concept:

BOOM! Studios is psyched to announce DODGE CITY, a new sports comic/teen comedy series debuting March 2018 about the high-energy chaos, heightened drama, and exaggerated costumes of competitive dodgeball, and one team's quest to make it all the way to the regional championships. Writer Josh Trujillo (Adventure Time) and illustrator Cara McGee (Over the Garden Wall) suit up to tell the story of the Jazz Pandas co-ed dodgeball team—the worst team in their league and made up of outcasts—and the efforts of their new captain, Tomás, who, despite being the youngest and least experienced member of the team, is really, really good at dodgeball.

"DODGE CITY is inspired by my years of playing dodgeball, along with the uncertainties of growing up," said Trujillo in the press release. "Dodgeball, like being a teenager, is incredibly chaotic—the only way you can 'win' is by finding a community and working together."

That's the most inspiring description of Dodgeball we've ever heard. We thought it was all about the biggest and strongest kids terrorizing the smallest and weakest by assaulting them with large rubber balls. But maybe we were playing it the wrong way.

"The cast is easily one of the most diverse I've seen in a story like this, and is an opportunity for me to get out of my own comfort zone with my art and character designs, which I'm very excited about," said McGee. "Josh just has such a great way with making interesting characters dealing with realistic struggles, which I think is amazing. And as a big fan of sports anime and manga I'm super pumped to draw something in that genre."

In addition to the main cover (seen below) by McGee, Dodge City will ship with a variant by Natacha Bustos when it hits stores in March, 2018.

Josh Trujillo and Cara McGee Launch Teen Comedy About Dodgeball in Dodge City at BOOM! Box

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