Let's All Play #WhoGetsWarped

So Marvel Comics people have been tweeting out new designs by Humberto Ramos for some kind of mashup comic book series from him, in which Marvel characters get squished together.

My most outrageous thought is that this is how they will replicate the Infinity Gauntlet moment where Thanos snaps his fingers in the upcoming Infinity Wars series. Reducing the population of the universe by half – by merging one half with the other.

I mean, that's what I'd do. But as you can tell from these two images, I really shouldn't be allowed to.

Because as Marvel Comics people were tweeting out #WhoGetsWarped images from Ramos, I wanted to join in too.

And I did.

Care to join me? It's ever so easy… all you have to do is find someone to stand up alongside these folks…

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