Marvel Comics' Big Push For 2018 Will Be The Avengers, Shockingly

In an absolutely shocking move, Marvel's biggest push for 2018 will be the Avengers. OK, it was kind of a no-brainer. After all, there's a certain Infinity War movie coming up. And just as with Civil War II, Marvel does like to tie in with the big movies where it can — even if creators and editorial are restricted to whatever Marvel Studios puts out in trailers and teasers.

Bleeding Cool has been led to understand, however, that this will be the first of the big book relaunches to follow the stopgap of Marvel Legacy and the legacy classic renumbering of titles. And it may well be that surrounded by three-digit figure comic books across the line, a new Avengers #1 may stand out a bit more from the other Marvel comic books than it would have done of late.

Expect a new Infinity War-related storyline across the Avengers titles, even if in name only. And the new ongoing Thanos series to be playing a major part, as well.

But as for creative teams? No one is allowing a peep to escape right now, aside from Ta-Nehisi Coates taking over the still-unannounced Captain America series from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.


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