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Valiant Partners with Blanx to Tell Stories on Sneakers
Specifically, The Flying V will be selling sneakers featuring Valiant characters, according to a press release To accomplish this not-so-pedestrian task, Valiant has partnered with Blanx, a company described in the press release as "a lifestyle apparel brand focused on telling stories on sneakers." No, seriously Look at the press release: The Valiant Community will soon be[...]
Dan Gamache Makes Custom Sneakers For Briskk's New Flavor
A bit of an oddity for geek fashion but iced tea maker Brisk hit up artist Dan "Mache" Gamache for a special pair of geeky sneakers The company has released its first new flavor to the line in over five years with the addition of Brisk Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea To mark the occasion[...]
Magic: The Gathering Teams Up With K-Swiss For Jace-Themed Shoes
Therefore, it's a big deal to learn that K-Swiss, an American-based tennis brand, is teaming up with the mothership company for Magic: The Gathering in order to bring consumers and superfans a line of sneakers based on their iconic Planeswalker character, Jace Beleren. A K-Swiss branded sneaker with a design inspired by Magic: The Gathering's Jace[...]
Joe Quesada Reveals Hidden Code in Marvel Adidas Footlocker Sneakers
Marvel CCO's Joe Quesada has been talking about the Adidad Footlocker sneakers he has been designing for Marvel's 80th anniversary How he had to learn how to draw around the foot, rather than attempting a flat design which was then warped to fit. The Marvel x Foot Locker x adidas AM 4 'Marvel 80 Vol 1',[...]
Auto Draft
A bit of a surprised crept onto Instagram yesterday as the new Adidas Pokémon sneakers showed up on someone's timeline without a formal release Jean "solebyjc" Carlos showed off the pair on Instagram this week, and shortly after the photos just started coming in of others who had gotten their hands on a pair[...]
Magician, Actor Ricky Jay (Boogie Nights, Deadwood) Passes Away at 70
Some of the projects Deceptive Practices worked on include Forrest Gump, Congo, the Broadway production of Angels in America, part 2: Perestroik, The Illusionist, Sneakers, and Oceans Thirteen. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Boogie Nights (1997) Official Trailer #1 – Paul Thomas Anderson Movie ( As an actor, Jay had an impressive body of[...]
jaime lannister
If you were watching Game of Thrones and thought that the only thing missing is a nice pair of kicks that make you look like a Lannister — well, that's kinda weird — but you're also in for some good news! Game of Thrones has teamed up with the sneaker company KOIO to bring you an exclusive pair of Game[...]
Lugz Variant Cover Of Amazing Spider-Man Heading To Stores
This is a variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #11, being sent to comic retailers, one per store, featuring Lugz sneakers A paid for promotion, it sees Kingpin in a pose reminiscent of an earlier Lugz ad. Expect these to be sought after by the kind of people who seek after such things…   This is a variant cover[...]
Trying To Work Out Which Marvel Sneaker Is Which
Okay, so here come some Marvel Reebok sneakers… but not all are that obvious Let's go through them. The Captain America Ventilator, easy. Wolverine Pump Fury HLS, simple.   Sabretooth Night Sky Mid, I guess.   Venom Night Storm HLS, clearly.   No idea Okay the tag may indicate that it's Spider-Man Insta Pump Fury, but it's a little webbing-deprived. Emma Frost Freestyle Hi, though[...]
Sneakers And Number Plates – New Old Looks For DC Comics
DC Comics and Converse launch a new line of sneakers with a bunch of DC superheroes on them (though mostly Superman and Batman) But what's this? Classic DC character stylings? No new 52? Where are the collars? Where is the piping? It's all looks from the nineties and the noughties… And in Australia you can now[...]
I'm The Best There Is At What I Just Do.
Wolverine sneakers/trainers/pumps from Nike, everyone I really hope the laces do a "snikt" noice when you pull them off If not, you can always pretend Sadly they don't come with extendable adamantium claws Maybe for the next version. Thanks to Moresay for the pictures. Wolverine sneakers/trainers/pumps from Nike, everyone I really hope the laces do a[...]