Marvel Fortnite Crossover To Take Place During Donny Cates' Thor #4?

The current run of Donny Cates and Nic Klein's Thor from Marvel Comics has become a major hot property for the publisher, going through multiple printings (issue 2 is currently going to its fifth) and it seems that even more attention may be drawn upon it.

Marvel's Fortnite Crossover To Take Place During Donny Cates' Thor #4?

Posted a couple of hours ago to the Fortnite Twitter account, with tens of thousands of retweets and comments, this allegiance of the Fortnite game and Marvel Comics features the new look of Thor, Herald of Galactus as seen in the comic books of late.

One of those retweeters was Donny Cates.

You know, we are still waiting for Marvel Comics to join up some of the dots that happened in Thor #4, the issue that saw the god of Thunder get to work as the Herald of Galactus and ahead of meeting The Black Winter.

What Happened Between These Panels Of Thor #4?

The first scene saw Thor take Galactus' power to become the Herald of Galactus in his full cosmic totality.

What Happened Between These Panels Of Thor #4?

Before going on to absorb the four worlds that Galactus needed to face the Black Winter. The first three were lifeless or could be evacuated. The final world was not and as a result, Galactus ate them all.

What Happened Between These Panels Of Thor #4?

Did something happen between those panels to somehow save Thor from being an accessory to mass genocide? Or is there something coming in Thor which might damn him ever further? And could it somehow, in Marvel continuity, have involved the world of Fortnite? Could he bring The Black Winter with him? Or will it be nothing more than a new Thor skin to go with the Captain America one? As we saw in July, Epic Games and Marvel partnered for a new Captain America skin in the game. With a trailer below showing how Cap got into the Fortnite universe with a gust of wind, rainbow colours, and Asgardian runs burned into the ground, meaning that Cap got there by way of the Bifrost Bridge.



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