Marvel Says Northrop Grumman Partnership Was About STEM; Plus Writer Fabian Nicieza Speaks

Marvel has issued an official statement about their short-lived partnership with Northrop Grumman, the world's fifth-largest defense contractor and manufacturer of weapons such as ICBM missiles, nuclear stealth bombers, and ship-mounted laser cannons. You know, aerospace stuff. 😐

Marvel released an all-ages comic book with recruitment advertisements for Northrop Grumman, and were planning an event at their New York Comic Con booth Saturday. However, in response to backlash to the promotion, Marvel removed all traces of the partnership, including the comic, from their website and canceled Saturday's event.

Marvel is sorry about all of that. That is, Marvel is sorry that you misunderstood their intent. The publisher explained in the statement:

"The activation with Northrop Grumman at New York Comic Con was meant to focus on aerospace technology and exploration in a positive way. However, as the spirit of that intent has not come across, we will not be proceeding with this partnership including this weekend's event programming. Marvel and Northrop Grumman continue to be committed to elevating, and introducing, STEM to a broad audience."

Additionally, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada revealed at a panel today that he learned about the partnership at the same time everyone else did, and directed panel-goers to their official statement for further comment. Marvel has removed all traces of the partnership from their website.

Marvel Says Northrop Grumman Partnership Was About STEM; Plus Writer Fabian Nicieza Speaks

Meanwhile, Fabian Nicieza, who wrote the promotional all-ages comic advertising Northrop Grumman with artist Sean Chen, took to Twitter to respond to criticism:

Soon after, Nicieza took to Twitter to respond again:

Some other Marvel creators have also responded on Twitter. We'll continue to keep you updated on this story.

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