Just How Noir Is Brubaker And Guice's Winter Soldier #1?

Just one day before the release of Ed Brubaker's creator-owned Fatale from Image, Marvel makes sure to remind everyone that CM Punk's favorite writer is still in their ranks too, with the release of the cover and first three pages of Winter Soldier #1, coming out this February from him and artist Butch Guice.

And just like Fatale, it's all a bit noir. But how can we tell? Okay, so we need some kind of gambling reference, casino, risk, slightly dubious company and an amount of nudity to suggest there may be sex in the offing. Maybe some lipstick being applied, unless you think that's just too much,

You don't? Excellent. Okay, well we've got the gambling, we've got the sex, now we need some violence. Specific violence as well, none of your Saturday morning cartoon knock-them-down-without-injury, we need bruising and believable blood, extracted ruthlessly, all under a blue lighting scheme.

Job done. Well almost, We're still missing an enigmatic smile from someone in a dark haired bob, heavy on the eye makeup and one of those perfect noses that you'd fall in love with, while all the other fanboys are looking at blondes with big tits. She could even look French. Some kind of architectural detail, elevators, ducts, that kind of thing would be right up our street.

Of course this is a comic, so there must also be some unrealistic fighting poses from the lady in question. Just to make sure no one thinks we're gay.

Winter Soldier #1, published by Marvel in February. Maybe other pages will show scenes under streetlights, smoking in alleyways and light coming through office blinds. I do hope so., it's certainly one for the buy pile.

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