Marvel Releases Trailer for 2020 Super-Mega-Crossover Event: Empyre

In a trailer that is laden with either rampant profanity or a lot of redacted secrets, Marvel has announced their next super-mega-crossover event: Empyre (with a Y). As you can see in the tweet below, not only is the trailer full of bleeps, but even the accompanying Tweet text is censored. We don't even have a release date or creative team!

Ready to play Mad Libs? Here's what was said by C.B. Cebulski and Tom Brevoort in the trailer:

Empyre is Marvel's most Earth-shattering event of 2020, and will star __1__ and __2__ against the __3__ and __4__.

Empyre grows out of a number of classic key Marvel stories, including the __5__, the __6__, the __7__, and a bunch of others. It is the __8__ for so many things that have been established throughout Marvel history.

It'll be written by __9__ and __10__ with art by __11__.

The story will be __12__.

One of the most incredible __13__ Marvel has ever put to page.

It's hard to figure out most of what they might be saying, but watching Marvel Editor-in-Chief Cebulski's cheeks in the trailer, it's clear that he either said the event's heroes will face off against the Kree and the event will be written by Al Ewing, or he is storing acorns for winter.

Thankfully, we do know it's the "most earth-shattering event of 2020" and that it will pull from classic Marvel events. But otherwise, details are notably short. Will the Marvel Universe ever be the same?! We need to know this!

Anyway, here's our Mad Libs answers:

  1. D-Man
  2. Bill the Lobster
  3. Kree
  4. sales attrition
  5. Secret Empire
  6. Civil War 2
  7. Chuck Austen's X-Men
  8. only way for stories to continue when books keep getting prematurely canceled
  9. Al Ewing
  10. Akira Yoshida
  11. Rob Liefeld
  12. delayed by several months and have an extra issue added to the end
  13. variant cover Ponzi schemes

The story will kick off in December's Incoming #1. Check out the trailer below and post your findings in the comments.

Marvel Releases Trailer for Next Big Event: Empyre

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