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Zac Thompson & Germán García's Ka-Zar from Marvel Comics in September
Resurrected as part of last year's series Empyre, he is back in the Savage Land in September and with new foliage-based powers… Back from the dead with a whole new terrifying set of powers, the saga will serve as a bold evolution of the character while staying true to his jungle roots as the mighty hero[...]
Ultraman: The Rise of Ultraman #1 Review:
Empyre was billed as an Avengers/Fantastic Four event, but the main title felt a bit light on the latter Now, the same week as Al Ewing wraps up the Avengers side of things with Empyre Aftermath: Avengers #1, writer Dan Slott and artist Sean Izaakse team up to deliver another epilogue with Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four #1. While Ewing's issue focused on[...]
Ultraman: The Rise of Ultraman #1 Review:
While it's billed as the "aftermath" of Empyre to get that precious #1 on the cover, Avengers: Empyre Aftermath #1 is essentially Empyre #7 The full creative team of writer Al Ewing, artist Valerio Schiti, colorist Marte Gracia, and letter VC's Ariana Maher return for this epilogue issue It wraps up the whole event with a second, more planned wedding for Hulkling[...]
Captain Marvel #21 Review: Moments of Emotional Honesty
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Captain Marvel #21 KELLY THOMPSON (W) • CORY SMITH (A) Cover by JORGE MOLINA EMPYRE Tie-In! A CAPTAIN'S LEGACY — THE ACCUSED FINALE! The rise and fall of the Supreme Accuser The end of a war, the end of an ERA…and the birth of an even more dangerous world Carol Danvers must make a choice that will define[...]
Is Dan Slott Finally Getting To Do The Reckoning War at Marvel Comics?
Spoilers for Empyre: Fantastic Four Fallout ahead But first a trip back in time Twenty-or-so-years ago, Dan Slott used to drop something into a number of his comic books at Marvel about something he would call The Reckoning War A storyline that would upend the future of the Marvel Universe, centred on She-Hulk but involving The[...]
End Of The Empyre Reveals Marvel Comics Future
Today sees the publication of Captain Marvel #21, Empyre: Avengers Aftermath and Empyre: Fantastic Four Fallout And for all the endings, a bunch of beginnings as well The finale of Empyre #6 saw the big new group shot of cosmic power in the Kree and Skrull Alliance. Art from Empyre #6 So why in Empyre: Avengers Aftermath[...]
Funny Creek #5 Review:
The end of the Cotati invasion has finally come with Empyre #6 From the start, Empyre was a messy event with poor characterization, but the last issue saw a major improvement in the writing Will that carry over to the finale, or is this destined to be Marvel's worst event? Empyre #6 is the finale of this event[...]
Quoi Gives The Scooby-Doo Complaint in Empyre: Fantastic Four Fallout
This week, as well as Empyre: Avengers Aftermath, gives us the Empyre: Fantastic Four Fallout – the stuff that is alleged by Dan Slott to have major impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole But in the preview below, seems more concerned with having Quoi, the Celestial Messiah, he who was behind the whole[...]
Empyre Aftermath Calls Back To Lord Of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling
We have a preview of this week's Empyre: Avengers Aftermath by Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti , with a final page that may seem familiar to come And that's because it is Here's the preview, followed by a clip from Lords Of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling by Chip Zdarsky, Anthony Oliveira and Manuel Garcia. Empyre Aftermath Calls[...]
We Only Find Them When They're Topping The Bestseller Chart
Batman topping the chart is no surprise, neither is Empyre coming second and Wolverine third, but the launch of We Only Find Them When They're Dead in fourth place is a quite the achievement and gives Al Ewing two books in the top four… We Only Find Them When They're Topping The Bestseller Chart Top ten bestselling[...]
Review: Lonely Receiver #1
Empyre: Captain America has been the highlight of the entire Empyre event, due to Phillip Kennedy Johnson's writing that perfectly characterizes Steve Rogers as a patriotic beacon of hope that embodies the ideals of honor, dignity, and sacrifice in the every man Will Johnson stick the landing with Empyre: Captain America #3? Empyre: Captain America #3 is the finale[...]
Review: Lonely Receiver #1
Empyre: Avengers left off with a deadly cliffhanger in the last issue that saw Ka-Zar stabbed with what looked like a fatal wound Does the man who embodies the Savage Lands survive Empyre: Avengers #3, the final issue of this event tie-in? Empyre: Avengers #3 concludes Jim Zub's tie-in Credit: Marvel While Empyre: Avengers was overall a fun read now[...]
How Empyre #6 Sets Up Immortal She-Hulk (Spoilers)
The ending of Empyre, published today, is one that is meant to shock the Marvel Universe, apparently, as we also see at the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy #6, also written by Empyre co-writer Al Ewing With Rocket Raccoon seemingly catching up by reading the Bleeding Cool spoilers. How it ended? I've read Empyre #6,[...]
The End Of An Empyre - Empyre #6 Sets Up Immortal She-Hulk (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of the final issue of the Marvel Comics event Empyre #6 by Al Ewing, Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti Well, as expected the Skrull and Kree children play an integral role for both sides, the Kree/Skrull/Human alliance and the Cotati and their worshippers. Art from Empyre #6 And you can tell that[...]