Marvel Teases Cold War With December Captain America Solicitations

One of Marvel's next big upcoming event comics is Cold War, an event that will bring together the stories of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson currently happening in two concurrent Captain America ongoing. Cold War is described by Marvel as "an epic that will leave a lasting impact on the CAPTAIN AMERICA mythos," so you know things are going to be shaken to their foundations in this one, true believers. " Marvel has released solicitations for December's issues of both Captain America books. Check them out below.

The cover to Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7
The cover to Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7

Art and Cover by CARMEN CARNERO
On Sale 12/7

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #7, writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Carmen Carnero begin a new story arc titled "The Invader!" Just when Captain America is ready to quit his pursuit of the Outer Circle, he receives intel on their next move – and a reminder that Steve Rogers is never without friends. Sharon Carter returns to help Steve assemble his allies for a new mission – but some shadows reach farther than even the world's best spies can predict. Guest-starring Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Sharon Carter and Peggy Carter!

Cold War really is a great name for a Marvel crossover. We're not saying that the event will drag on as long as the real Cold War, but with Marvel's tendency toward decompression and need to shoehorn in dozens of extraneous tie-ins, it may well feel like it does! Anyway, it looks like things are looking up for ol' Steve this December. Meanwhile, over in Captain America: Symbol o Truth, according to the cover, it looks like Falcon is turning into an actual Falcon. How ironic!

The cover to Captain America: Symbol of Truth #8
The cover to Captain America: Symbol of Truth #8

Cover by R.B. SILVA
On Sale 12/28

Over in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SYMBOL OF TRUTH #8, writer Tochi Onyebuchi is once again joined by guest artist Ig Guara as Sam Wilson's high-stakes mission in Wakanda continues. As Falcon's condition worsens, Captain America comes face-to-face with the unintended consequences of his escalating conflict with the White Wolf. Nomad is willing to make the compromises necessary to take down the Black Panther's errant brother, but can Sam Wilson say the same? And what is Sam's old sparring partner Nightshade doing in Mohannda, anyway?

Both of these comics will be in stores in December. Cold War will happen sometime in 2023.

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