Marvel's Jordan White Teases Radiant Sexuality of Cyclops, X-Statix Return for #XMenMonday

Power-mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White continued his #XMen Monday streak for the third week in a row as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE at website Adventures in Poor Taste, where AiPT's Chris Hassan continues to personally attack us by not asking White when Chris Claremont will write an ongoing. Can this possibly end any other way than with us invading his mentions and "politely" berating him about it until one of our friends eventually has to challenge someone to a brawl in a parking garage? We're hoping to avoid it, but you know how things go here in the comics industry. And really, can you truly say it's anyone's fault?

Don't answer that.

In any case, while we still have no word on a Claremont ongoing, White did address another favorite topic of ours: the raw sexual magnetism of beloved X-Men leader Cyclops.

Asked if Cyclops can stay single for a year since coming back from the dead (is that a year in publishing time, which covers like two weeks in the comics, or in Marvel time, which is 15 years in the real world?), White responded:

No, it is not possible for Cyclops to stay single for a year. He radiates a sexuality made out of concentrated angst and no matter where he goes or what he does, he cannot stay single. At a school with one woman in it, he hooks up. Becomes a boat captain, he hooks up. Moves to Alaska, he hooks up. Leaves his wife and son, he hooks up. He stands over his wife's grave immediately after her death, HE HOOKS UP. It's physically impossible for him to stay single.

At least someone finally gets the character in Marvel editorial.

On a somewhat related note, White also answered a question about whether or not Storm and Wolverine could hook up again by saying:

Man, this is the X-Men. Pick any two characters and it's only a matter of time before they kiss. [winking emoji]

And he followed it up by posting a photo of Wolverine on a date with a mysterious figure…

And Bleeding Cool, using advanced silhouette recognition technology, can EX-X-XCLUSIVELY reveal the shocking identity of Wolverine's next love interest:

Well now, that's how you @#$% two birds with one stone. Besides, isn't about time this new bromance from Uncanny X-Men is taken to the next level?

Another shocking revelation from White came in the form of an image of the X-Statix from an upcoming X-Book, teasing a return for the cult-favorite team despite White noting, "Didn't they all die?"

For lots more X-Men goodness, including a discussion of whether Chuck Austen's "mutants can't get AIDS" story is still in continuity and a Whilce Portacio cover for Uncanny X-Men #19 featuring Emma Frost, head to AiPT. Want to catch up on last week's X-Books? Read our weekly recap column, X-ual Healing, here.

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