Marvel's New Wasp Revealed – And Why It's Not Hope Pym (UPDATE – Except It Is)

Today in All-New All-Different Avengers #9 we properly meet the New Wasp.

We had a glimpse in the Captain America Free Comic Book Day issue. We knew her name was Nadia…

Civil War II (FCBD 2016) (GreenManGroup-DCP) 021

That she felt a claim on Hank Pym's work in the wake of his death.

Civil War II (FCBD 2016) (GreenManGroup-DCP) 022

Believed he would be proud of her.

Civil War II (FCBD 2016) (GreenManGroup-DCP) 026

And that she was probably Russian.

Civil War II (FCBD 2016) (GreenManGroup-DCP) 023


Well, in today's Avengers, it all spills out. Not Hope Pym, the parallel daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. But not too far off….

Image (4)

The daughter of Hank Pym – but not Janet?

Image (3)

Oh yes.

In Tales To Astonish #44, back in 1966, readers were introduced to a new character in Hank Pym, Ant-Man's history. Mrs Pym, nee Maria Trovaya.

tta-44-01aShe was the daughter of Dr Janos Trovaya, an Hungarian geneticist and entromologist, killed in a suspicious laboratory explosion. Maria was Henry Pym's first wife.

Image (5)

She was indeed.

tta-44-02On their honeymoon in Hungary, she was kidnapped by Communist agents….


…and supposedly killed, despite Pym's efforts to rescue her. And aside from a faked version of her, who mutated into the supervillain MODAM, that was that.

Forty years later, comic continuity geek Mark Waid has had enough. It seems that Maria wasn't killed, not right away at least. Oh and it involved someone else currently having his past eviscerated on screen at the moment.

Image (6)The Red Room is a Soviet training facility in Marvel Comics that was created to train highly specialized spies, including both Black Widows Natalia Romanova and Yelena Belova.

So, no, not Hope Pym. But someone with all sorts of secrets yet to be revealed…

UPDATE: As pointed out by LibraryDrone on Reddit, "Nadia" is Russian for "Hope"… very sweet.

Thanks to Matt for pointing out the Dick Van Typo Mix-Up

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