Marvel's Next Big Event? You Know, The One After Inhumanity?

353-1216848UC1495777MSo, we know DC's big event for next year, Five Years Later, kicking off with FCBD, giving us a September crossover for every title, then spinning off a weekly with Azzarello, Lemire, Giffen and Jurgens writing the new book. But what about Marvel?

I don't have a title of a theme. Just a creative team. Rick Remender and Salvador Larocca. Both absent from any big NYCC new book announcements, notice. And, despite a biweekly schedule, they'd like Larocca to do it all..

Also I understand that Mike Deodato, also absent from said announcements, may be moving onto the Xbooks relatively shortly as well.

There was nothing mentioned for Jason Aaron either. But I understand that there will be…

Or it's all a load of bollocks. Maybe we'll find out which in a few months.

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