New Sandman, Death, And Invisibles Art, Plus A Mysterious Date In Vertigo's San Diego Sizzle Reel

At the Vertigo panel at San Diego Comic Con today, Vertigo kingpin Mark Doyle showed off a sizzle reel, and hinted to attendees that there was some new art he wasn't allowed to talk about in there, in addition to a rundown of Vertigo's greatest hits.

Over at The Hollywood ReporterGraeme McMillan must have watched the video like the Zapruder film and concluded:

new Invisibles artwork by Jeff Lemire, new Sandman artwork by Jae Lee and a Death image by Jim Lee, alongside previously publish(ed) images from series including PreacherSwamp ThingY: The Last Man and American Vampire.

The Lemire Invisibles art he speaks of, perhaps?

And here's Death, but it's not Jim Lee:

It's Artgerm:

And this Sandman, well, that could be Jae Lee:

The video also ends with a date:

So what do you think? New Invisibles, Sandman, and Death series, stealth-announced in a sizzle reel? That seems unlikely. Some kind of anniversary art/history book? That seems like it would be a letdown.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start guessing!


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