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Complete Original Artwork Of Three Issues Of Hellshock Vol 2 For Sale
In 1994, Jae Lee published four issues of Hellshock, a comic book about a fallen angel, through Image Comics At which point he stalled Three years later in 1997, he started over again, a Hellshock reboot With the third issue published in 1998, a year after the second, the series faltered again Now on Heritage[...]
Complete Jae Lee Hellshock Original Artwork Stories At Auction
Including two full stories from Jae Lee from Hellshock #1 and #2 published by Image Comics, ahead of Jae Lee's new comic book series Seven Sons An eleven-page story from issue 1 and the full 22 pages of original artwork from the second issue Both auctions end on Saturday, the 19th of June. [...]
Jae Lee Announces Seven Sons, From Image Comics, and Three NFTs
Jae Lee is returning to creator-owned comics with his first new title since Hellshock in 1994 Seven Sons, is drawn by Jae Lee, co-written by documentary producer Robert Windom and writer of 10 Minutes Gone Kelvin Mao, with colours by June Chung and letters by Simon Bowland Seven Sons is described as The Fugitive meets[...]
Tom King Issues Full Apology to Jae Lee, Removes Tweets
On Friday, comic book writer Tom King issued a statement on Twitter, criticising his publisher DC Comics for commissioning a cover for his Rorschach comic from Jae Lee, as Lee had contributed a cover to Ethan Van Sciver's leading Comicsgate crowdfunding titles. Tom King Issues Full Apology to Jae Lee, Removes Tweets Knowing Jae Lee, I suspected[...]
Finding Luigi in The Daily LITG, 27th July 2020
Desperately seeking Luigi, while Warren Ellis, Batman, Tom King and Jae Lee ran around right behind The Daily Lying In The Gutters, remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Luigi, Jae Lee and the ten most-read stories on Bleeding Cool[...]
Jae Lee Posts to Instagram
Comic book creator Jae Lee is barely on social media He only posts occasional pictures of his artwork and photos of his dog, Loki, on Instagram, about once a week But today he responded to the social media storm that began with Tom King two days ago, and exploded, despite attempts to quell it Tom[...]
Tom King Speaks Out About DC Comics Rorschach #1 Cover
This morning, DC Comics posted the variant cover to Rorschach #1 by Jae Lee The cover credit was solicited last week, but it appears that writer Tom King did not read the fine print He just posted on Twitter; Today DC put out an alternate cover to Rorschach by Jae Lee, who has also done covers[...]
Jae Lee Cover For Rorschach #1 Suggests He Is Not Reggie Long
Do the Dr Manhattan dumbbells indicate that Dr Manhattan brought the original Rorschach, Walter Kovacs back to life? And brought Bubastis back as a mirror? Is that an elderly Adrian Veidt under the mask? Those are purple pants after all… but he is eating beans straight from the tin too. Jae Lee Cover For Rorschach #1[...]
Jae Lee IndieGoGo-ing Red Sonja #13 Variant Cover
Comic book writer and artist Jae Lee has a new project listed on IndieGoGo, dubbed "Jae Lee's Secret New Project!' stating that the 'Eisner Award-Winning Artist has a VERY Special IndieGoGo campaign coming Sign up here to be the first to know about it!" Well, you know how Bleeding Cool likes to get things early[...]
jae lee batman #50
Jae Lee, who did up an exclusive cover for Dynamic Forces. This particular cover has a classic movie feel to it, like something you'd expect to see with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck a la Roman Holiday And then the collage of their battles over the years showing Catwoman in her various costumes, all laid out[...]
Writer's Commentary – Gail Simone on Red Sonja / Tarzan #1
The issue has multiple covers including the two below by Adam Hughes and Jae Lee. Here's the thing Once in a while, you get offered a dream project that you didn't even consider a real possibility in the real world It's happened a few times with me, and it's that moment when someone calls you and[...]
Lovecraft story Herbert West – Reanimator that was published back in 1921-1922 in Weird Tales. It has been adapted many times since into various mediums, but the game is pulling art from the Dynamite comic series from 2015 written by Keith Davidsen, drawn by Randy Valiente and with covers by Jae Lee, Francesco Francavilla, Tim Seeley[...]
New Jersey Comic Expo
The list includes Ethan Van Sciver, Meredith Finch, Dennis Calero, Neil Vokes, Erica Schultz, Greg Land and Jae Lee The show takes place at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center, and they still have booths and artist alley space available You can see more information for them here.   Van Sciver had been in the news back[...]