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"It's interesting because the major adult comic series, the seminal ones, were ['The Sandman'], 'Watchmen,' and 'The Invisibles.' They came out mostly in the '90s, little of 2000s sometimes, or late '80s, and they revolutionized comics, and they, of course, spawned a thousand other titles who were inspired by them Neil went on to become[...]
The New Villains Of Spawn - Not Just A Man In A Suit
But we also discover the name of those from Heaven and Hell who are hidden around the world, being tracked down by Spawn. They are Invisibles Who, especially with this type, bring back memories of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell's The Invisibles for DC Comics in 1994, the same year Grant wrote Spawn for Todd Might[...]
Christina Diaz Gonzalez & Gaby Epstein Sell Invisibles to Scholastic
Invisibles by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and The Baby-Sitters Club artist Gaby Epstein is a new bilingual middle-grade graphic novel about what Publisher's Weekly describes as "five very different Latinx students who form an unexpected bond after being forced together to complete community service hours." Scholastic Graphix logo Gonzales and Epstein have sold Invisibles, which is unrelated to[...]
Grant Morrison Has Been Non-Binary For Fifty Years
TV and comic book writer Grant Morrison, co-creator of The Invisibles, St Swithin's Day, We3 and Happy, author of Arkham Asylum, Batman And Robin and All-Star Superman, current writer on the Green Lantern comic and SyFy TV show Brave New World was interviewed by Mondo2000 regarding the recent TV world and – well, the answers to[...]
Grant Morrison Adapting The Invisibles to Series Under New UCP Deal
Under the terms of his new deal, Morrison will develop and produce original content for both linear and streaming networks. Grant Morrison/Vertigo Morrison has already lined up his first project: a series adaptation of his long-running comics series The Invisibles Published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint from 1994 to 2000, the drama would be set in 2020 and[...]
The Invisibles Omnibus – Marvel Vs DC Binding
With deal on the Invisibles Omnibus now at 46% off at Amazon and at Barnes And Noble (even more you use their recent voucher emailed) and with Christmas approaching, there's one big question being asked. How's the binding? DC Comics have had serious issues with their hardcover binding of late – and with books increasing in size,[...]
Grant Morrison Turned Down "Before Invisibles"
But what about… The Invisibles? At the previously referred to Dundee Comics Day, Grant Morrison told the crowd how he'd already been asked Laura Sneddon reports for The Beat; Asked whether Morrison was ever tempted to return to works like The Invisibles, close to many a readers heart, the writer revealed that such an offer had been[...]
The Invisibles Omnibus Hardcover Will Be Sewn, Will Be One Volume
It's the The Invisibles Omnibus from DC/Vertigo. 1536 pages comprising the three volumes, Invisibles vol 1 #1-25, Invisibles vol 2 #1-22 and Invisibles vol #12-1. I'm told that it is being printed all in one hardcover volume, it will have sewn binding rather than glued binding, for readability ease… …and it's at the printers now. How many trees will[...]
"Gayness Is Built Into Batman" – Grant Morrison In Playboy
I quite like him, because he's a pop star—he's like Bowie. And lots of Invisibles stuff too… The last issue of Playboy featured an original Walking Dead short story by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlars The new issue features an interview with Grant Morrison, talking superheroes This is the kind of thing he says… For me, Superman has[...]
All 1536 Pages Of The Invisibles In One Omnibus
Blimey. Blimey blimey. All the Invisibles All of it In one book 1536 pages worth The Invisibles Omnibus collecting The Invisibles Volume 1 #1-25, Volume 2 #1-22, Volume 3 #12-1 and the short story from Vertigo Winters Edge #1 All written by Grant Morrison, with art from the likes of Steve Yeowell, Jilll Thompson, Dennis Cramer, Chris[...]