Nick Spencer Stops Tweeting So Much; Twitter Stock Drops Dramatically

Twitter shares have dropped more than 11% following a 30-plus-day dearth in Bleeding Cool articles about Nick Spencer's tweets.

There was a time, not so long ago, where we couldn't go a week without publishing a Nick Spencer Fanboy Rampage article. Sometimes more than one. The superstar Marvel writer transitioned seamlessly from producing daily hundred-tweet rants about last year's presidential campaign to producing hundred-tweet rants arguing with any person on the internet who dared criticize his Secret Empire storyline. There's a reason Spencer is a professional writer, after all.

But somewhere along the way, Spencer just…stopped. Maybe he was tired of seeing his name in Bleeding Cool headlines like "Nick Spencer, Like Shakespeare, Knows What It's Like To Have Readers Turn On Him," "Nick Spencer Takes Break From Taking Break From Political Tweets To Declare Social Fabric Rapidly Degrading," "Marvelsplaining: Nick Spencer Tells Us Why Never-Ending Relaunches Are Actually A Good Thing," "Marvel's Nick Spencer: Idea That Stories Should Be Escapism In Today's World Is 'Irresponsible, Cowardly Argument'," "Fanboy Rampage: Nazi-Punching The Global Conversation Via Twitter With Nick Spencer, Mags Visaggio, And Alex de Campi," "Fanboy Rampage: Nick Spencer Vs. Critics, Nerdist, And Occasionally DC Comics For Some Reason," "Who Will Defend Event Comics? Writer Of Marvel's Secret Empire, Nick Spencer, Will," "In Ploy To Solve Comics' Late Shipping Problem, Nick Spencer Urges Twitter Mass Exodus," "Fanboy Rampage: Nick Spencer Vs. DC Rebirth Over Sales Numbers And Success," "On The Morality Of Punching Nazis, With Nick Spencer, Lexi Alexander, And A Special Guest Appearance By Richard Spencer," "A Day In The Life Of Nick Spencer's Post-Hillary Twitter Account," "As U.S. Election Looms, Clinton Surrogate Nick Spencer Steps Up Crucial Twitter Game," "Nick Spencer's Punchy-Kicky Superhero Comics Too High Brow For Average Reader," "Report: Comic Book Writer's Tweets Are Dems' Secret Weapon To Win Election," "SDCC: Nick Spencer's The Oath Will Ask Readers To Pledge Support For Hillary Clinton," "Report: Nick Spencer Catatonic After Valiant Secures Clinton Cameo," "Report: Clinton Campaign Concerned With Nick Spencer's Latest Captain America Twist (Spoilers)," "Marvel Prepares Electro-Shock Machine For Thursday Q&A With Clinton Surrogate Nick Spencer," "Report: Nick Spencer Slept For Two And A Half Hours Last Night After Hillary's Primary Wins," and "Report: Marvel Seeking More Captain America Fill-In Writers As Spencer To Devote Even More Time To Clinton Campaign Tweets."

Or maybe he's been too busy writing his upcoming run on Amazing Spider-Man. Who knows?

The only thing certain is that there's a direct correlation between the decline in Spencer's Twitter rampages and Twitter's drastic stock drop, even if other websites like sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip site The Wrap are trying to link it to Twitter's Q2 financial report.


With Spencer taking it easy, Dan Slott having blocked everyone on the internet who disagrees with him (but still following and subtweeting about them), and Tom Brevoort claiming to quit the social media service, there's no one to take up the slack of trolling Marvel's readers with insults, condescending arguments, and gaslighting. And it's clear that, without that vital component, Twitter is suffering. We're all suffering.

Hopefully, Nick Spencer will name-search himself on Twitter and fly into a seething rage upon seeing someone dislike Secret Empire soon, before it's too late and we all have to go back to MySpace.

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