Outpost Zero #2 Review: Glacially Slow and a Mountain of Dialogue

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Outpost Zero is reeling from the death of one of its own. The reactions range from open mourning to claims that the deceased was simply cowardly and suicidal. The rest of the outpost are trying to move on and survive the storm cell that is rolling through. Even after the storm ends, it leaves thousands of feet of ice on top of Outpost Zero. Others are trying to investigate how the deceased truly died; they can't believe that this person actually killed themselves.

Outpost Zero #2 cover by Alexandre Tefengki and Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Outpost Zero #2 cover by Alexandre Tefengki and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

I managed to describe that plot without mentioning who actually died, but I'm not sure I can sustain that for the entire review. As such, here is your spoiler warning for Outpost Zero #2.

Then again, I can sum this comic up pretty easily: talking. This comic is a lot of talking. It makes sense to a point; you just killed one of your main characters, and you feel the need to show how it affects your cast.

The problem is that this is the second issue of Outpost Zero, and I'm not quite invested enough in these characters to care this much. For me, it's been an especially long time since I've read Outpost Zero #1. I had to remind myself who some of these people are.

Little in the way of plot development happens after the revelation of the death. A little character development is here, but it's not enough to justify the glacial pacing of this book and the mountain of dialogue.

Outpost Zero #2 art by Alexandre Tefenkgi and Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Outpost Zero #2 art by Alexandre Tefenkgi and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Alexandre Tefenkgi does a good job of conveying the emotions necessary for this kind of comic book. He doesn't have a lot to do in this book beyond that. Much of the comic is characters meandering through the outpost and not interesting to look at. Jean-Francois Beaulieu doesn't have much to do with the color work either.

Outpost Zero #2 is a painfully dull comic. It attempts to pull of an emotionally rigorous story but hasn't given itself enough time to build these characters for the reader to sit through this slow and text-heavy book. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this one. Give it a pass.

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