Own a Piece of Jeff Lemire's "The Nobody" Graphic Novel

Jeff Lemire has been one of the most unique voices in comics for more than a decade now. Since publishing Lost Dogs all the way back in 2005, the Canadian comic book writer/artist has amassed an incredible body of work, including Essex County, The Underwater Welder, Sweet Tooth, Descender, Ascender, Black Hammer, Plutona, and many more indie hits in addition to work for Marvel, DC, and Valiant. In 2009, DC Comics' Vertigo (R.I.P.) published Lemire's graphic novel The Nobody, a lonely and paranoid retelling of H. G. WellsThe Invisible Man. You can now own a page of original artwork from Lemire's graphic novel, which explored a rural community much like many others with nuance and intrigue. This particular page, which showcases the eponymous, bandaged drifter John Griffen meeting innkeeper June Jaques, is quite special indeed, as Heritage Auctions describes in their blurb.

Jeff Lemire's
Jeff Lemire's "The Nobody" page. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Jeff Lemire The Nobody Story Page 6 Original Art (DC/Vertigo, 2009).

John Griffen arrives in Large Mouth looking for a room in this page from the modern retelling of H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. The peculiar thing about this page is that Panels 2 and 3 are different in the printed version — we are not sure why, but the images of the Motel owner, June, are changed. Ink over blue pencil on Bristol board with an image area of 11" x 16.25". Tape on the bottom edge, and signed by Lemire at the lower right. In Excellent condition.

If you head over to Heritage Auctions, where this page is up for bid, you can stake your claim for this original piece of comic book artwork now. Because of the differences between the original piece of art and the final printed version, this page is quite a fun oddity for comic book collectors—best of luck to those hoping to add this Lemire original to their collection.

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