Pride And Joy Of The Minerva

The Minerva Vol 1 Cover

Kenneth Hill II (Creator, Writer, Illustrator), Jessica Alley (Colorist), Jen Yung (Logo, Character Render Colorist)

"With all my love and all my strength, I will love and protect you." Amaterasu Minerva

Peace is a valuable thing. With peace comes the passion of love, the strength to protect, and the compassion to assist thy fellow being. A peace – which has been kept safe and true for thousands of years on the planet of Searis – by the hard work of the Minerva.

The Minerva is a clan, the leader clan of the Phoenix Kingdom, and was created tens of thousands of years ago by five Phoenixes. The Five wanted peace and prosperity, not just for their people, but for all the people of Searis, so they took it upon themselves to be the guardians and peacekeepers of Searis. As time passed, more Phoenixes joined the five to offer assistance to them in fulfilling their cause. The group increased until they created the very first clan in the Phoenix Kingdom. The leader of the five and clan was called Alphadon and his wife was called Minerva. Alphadon loved Minerva so much that he decided to honor her by naming the clan after her.

Peace is invaluable until darkness and destruction comes to devour it. One day, an ancient creature of unknown origin appeared upon Searis and reigned terror and destruction over the land. It's unimaginable size and power was unmatched; no being, no army, not even the Celestial Order was a match for this beast. Its very body was made out of aura (energy), which could not be destroyed. This ancient creature was given the name "The Abomination of Desolation" a.k.a. "Desolation." An uncountable number of lives were stolen by this creature from the denizens of Searis, to include those who fought and those who tried to flee, but nothing could stop the destruction. All seemed lost…

Until one of the members of the High Prime Council, Anubis, found a way to stop the massacre. Desolation could not be killed, but Anubis discovered that he could seal the creature away. There were only three problems with his plan: first, Anubis needed to split the creature's aura body from its bones, which wouldn't be too hard to maneuver. Second, Anubis was not strong enough to seal Desolation away by himself for this act required the sacrifice of five strong souls. The third problem, and the one that gave him most pause, was that it represented a forbidden seal, and Archelaus, the leader of the High Prime Council, would not allow such an act. However, Alphadon learned about this seal from Anubis and offered himself as a sacrifice. Minerva and the other three founders of the Minerva clan assisted Anubis and offered themselves as sacrifices as well. Appalled and enraged after learning Anubis's plan was about to be implemented, Archelaus rushed to stop them all. Knowing Archelaus was on the way to prevent them from carrying out this mission, Anubis used all his power to strip Desolation's aura body from its very bones, and scattered the Dark Aura throughout the land of Searis. Before the Dark Aura could attempt to return to its bones, the seal was ignited by the Five, sealing the bones of Desolation. The long battle was over but with a terrible price…

The Five sacrificed their selfless lives for all of Searis. Angered by what he called sacrilege, Archelaus banished Anubis from Celestial realm for all time. The seal had one flaw that Anubis did not consider or realize – the seal created a door, a door which accessed the chamber, which in turn could access the bones of Desolation. Once the seal was completed, five keys were created to open the chamber door. Archelaus ordered that the sealed chamber be buried in an unknown place. He gave one key to the Minerva clan, he kept one key for himself, and the other three keys were scattered randomly over the territory of Searis.

To honor the brave Five who sacrificed themselves for Searis and its people, the Phoenix Kingdom created four more clans to commemorate the five founders of the Minerva clan. The Minerva clan became the leading clan, and the leader of the Minerva clan would reign as the king and his wife the queen over the Phoenix Kingdom. The Minerva became the symbol of leadership, love, sacrifice, and strength, not only to the Phoenix race, but to all races of Searis.

Now thousands of years later, the Minerva is now being led by Omegus Ra Minerva and Amaterasu Minerva. This is their story…

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