Prints Charming: As Spider-Gwen, Silk, Howard And Leia Get Second Prints, Why Won't Boom Reprint?

STK675810We know how it is meant to go. Comic book publisher publishes comic book. It sells out at Diamond Comic Distributors. Publisher slaps a second print cover over some first print guts of the comic they have spare, goose the market with the news and cross their fingers. If that sells out they do a genuine new print with a third printing cover. And if it's Spider-Gwen, they keep going.

Which by the way, is what Marvel are probably gearing up to do with Spider-Gwen #2, Silk #2, Howard The Duck #1, and Princess Leia #1, all which have just sold out and are going to second print. You heard it hear first. And it looks like Battlestar Galactica: Six #1 is also getting a second print before the series gets back on track with printing the rest of the much delayed book.

But Boom aren't playing that game for some reason.

In January, I noticed that Boom Studios was announcing quite a few sold out statuses followed by second printings on their first issues in 2015. And some that they weren't going back to press on.

This seems to have continued in February with Cluster #1, Munchkin #2, and Curb Stomp #1 all selling out with second printings on their way.

But Help Us, Great Warrior #1 has sold out as well, but there's no sign of a second printing yet. Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return #1 has also sold out, again with no reprinting sign.

Indeed, one out of four comics Boom! released in February is sold out at the distributor level. Dawn of Planet Of The Apes #4, Deep State #4, Escape From New York #3, Sons of Anarchy #18, and Steven Universe #7 were all quickly unavailable after going on sale, with no second prints in sight. It's starting to look more and more like a pattern in Boom's printing strategy.

We'll see if this holds in March. You don't suppose that Bill Jemas is working for them, do you?

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