10 Videos from NYC's Five Points: An Annual Collision of Toys, Live Art, and Counterculture

NYC's Brooklyn Expo Center served as the weekend host to what has become an annual collision of art, toys, counter-culture, and craft beer known affectionately as the Five Points Festival. Running from Saturday, June 2, through Sunday, June 3, at the Brooklyn Expo Center and sponsored by Clutter Magazine and Lagunitas Brewing Company, Five Points Festival […]

90 Photos from NYC Five Points Festival: Toys, Comics, and Counterculture

NYC's Brooklyn Expo Center served as the weekend host to what has become an annual collision of art, toys, counterculture, and craft beer known affectionately as the Five Points Festival. Sponsored by Clutter Magazine and Lagunitas Brewing Company, Five Points Festival doesn't market itself as a "big con" with huge premieres and photo ops with celebrities; […]

Vice Press' New Judge Dredd Prints By Tom Whalen And Matt Ferguson

Vice Press has two new Judge Dredd prints (and one variant) for the upcoming Nice Comic Con in Beford this weekend. The first print is by Tom Whalen and has Dredd on his Lawmaster motorcylce. The 18'x24' print has two variations: 110 printed on Cougar Natural French Paper and 40 printed on French Lemon Drop Paper. […]

Prints Charming: Nowhere Men, Invincible And Adventure Time

Image Comics have a two more comics that have gone to second printings in Nowhere Men #8 and Invincible #127 celebrating the return of Cory Walker. While Adventure Time has done similar for its fiftieth issue. BONUS! Not a second print but a "Story So Far" variant for Power Man And Iron Fist…

Power Girl And Avengers Art Prints From Side Show

Sideshow Collectibles has two new art prints ready for pre-order. The first continues their line of prints focused on the women of DC and done by artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. This piece features the ever popular Power Girl and can be ordered here. From our DC Comics Premium Art Print collection, Sideshow Collectibles is proud […]

SDCC '15: Hot 80's Girls And Dumb Pokemon

By Alex Wilson Sara Richard, cover artist for the My Little Pony from IDW, has started a new series of original prints she's calling "Poke-Vogue". They feature 80's style glamour women posing with some of the dumber and under-appreciated Pokemon. Two of the prints can bee seen below. When asked what is next in the series, she […]

The Rob Granito eBay Charity Sale – Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up!

You may recall Rob Granito, a swiper extraordinaire who used to strut the lines of Comic Cons across the country selling his wares as he made up a fictional CV of working on Batman animated series and of working with many other comic book creators, all while swiping work their and selling it as if […]

Prints Charming: Adventure Time Marceline Gone To Sellout

It's fairly common in the comic industry for publishers to announce comics have sold out and gone back to a second printing. So common in fact, that we run an irregular column called "Prints Charming" on the topic. Some times these are naturally occurring as retailers and publishers under-estimate the demand for a particular series […]

Prints Charming – Legendary Star Lord #1 Goes To A Fourth Printing

Consider this an irregular feature looking at comic books that have gone to second prints or more. Now, it is worth remembering that some publishers plan second prints automatically, whether they are needed or not and will often just run extra first print copies in the initial run, set them aside and put a second […]

And Finally… Ben Templesmith's Attack On Titan, Literally

It's always nice to end the day with some entertaining artwork. And as Kodansha prepare for the release of the fourteenth volume of Attack On Titan next week, Ben Templesmith makes some Titan-inspired imagery. By being rather literal about the title. That certainly is a Titan. Find his prints, and more, for sale here.

When A Creator Challenged The Print Sellers At Frank & Son Collectibles

A comic book creator who wishes not to be named visited Frank & Son Collectibles, regarding the selling of artwork owned by creators without their knowledge or permission. He writes, I am writing regarding an experience artist [REDACTED] and I had with the seller at Frank & Son Collectible Show. The work being sold by the […]

El Paso's Mayhem Toyz & Games Points Blame At Los Angeles' Frank And Son

This weekend, the Facebook page of El Paso comic store Mayhem Toyz & Games came under attack as a number of on-line artists discovered their private artwork was being sold as prints in the store. And some of their customers discovered it too… There's a picture of me on BleedingCool unknowingly buying stolen artwork. Awkward. […]

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Prints Going On Sale This Morning

Dark Hall Mansion will be releasing this years officially licensed Peanuts prints for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, the 1973 classic from Chalres M. Schulz today. When? Sometime between 9:30 AM PST and 11:30 AM PST. The artist for this years 12" x 26" print is Dave Perillo who used a multi-panel approach giving room to feature […]

Star Wars #1 Gets A Third Printing

Star Wars #1 first print has sold for up to $50. The second print for $8. Brian Wood and Carlos D'Anda's Star Wars #1 from Dark Horse has sold out of its second print with a third on the the way.