Does Professor X Have A Secret Life In The DC Universe?

Professor X died at the hands of a Phoenix-empowered Cyclops at the culmination of Avengers Vs. X-Men. And aside from his brain being used by the Red Skull, his ghostly aura used to invert heroes and villains, and his son conjuring up a version of him before retconning himself out of existence, it's stuck.

But could he have just skipped town and gone elsewhere into the multiverse?

We know that Scott Lobdell slipped the burning down of the X-Men's Westchester mansion in Teen Titans #1.

So where might a Professor Xavier hang out in the New 52 if his own home has been torched? How about… Arkham Asylum in last week's Red Hood And The Outlaws – also written by Scott Lobdell?


Which, yes does mean, that in order to hide, he's browned up and is wearing a hastily-drawn on beard and moustache.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #38 (2015) - Page 3

Unless of course that's actually Christopher Eccleston doing what Ben Kingsley, his mate, did in Gandhi
Red Hood and the Outlaws #38 (2015) - Page 4Do you see?

Maybe one day they'll let Scott write X-Men again. Or maybe Fabian.

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