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Ball And Chain #1 $56 After Netflix Deal With The Rock and The Blunt

We reported a couple of weeks ago that Scott Lobdell and Ale Garza's DC Comics creator-owned title Ball & Chain was up for a big multi-media rights deal with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt attached as producers and leads. The series, which was published in 1999, was about a couple getting divorced by gain super […]

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Ball & Chain $52 on eBay Over Scott Lobdell/Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt

Yesterday, Deadline got the word that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt have been shipping around a new movie based on Scott Lobdell, Ale Garza and Richard Bennett's creator-owned comic Ball & Chain, published by DC Comics/Wildstorm/Homage in 1999. The comic had previously been set up as a Syfy TV movie that was never filmed and […]

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Brett Booth and Scott Lobdell's New Instagram Comic, A Hero Forged

We mentioned that this was coming, and so it has. A new comic book series by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth launching for free on Instagram. It's called A Hero Forged and the first issue went up on the Quarancomics channel in time for what would have been Free Comic Book Day. Featuring a muscular […]


Scott Lobdell – Red Hood And The Outlaws to End With #50?

Scott Lobdell has been active during the shutdown with a new Instagram comics strip publisher Quarancomics as well as giving away signed comp copies from his long career, all over the world. The other night he also gave an Instagram Live video, now deleted, in which he talked to fans all over the world who […]


Scott Lobdell is Creating a Free Comic Book Day For The World

Scott Lobdell is a comic book and movie writer. He created the Happy Death Day movie franchise, wrote many of the X-Men comic books current being raked over by Jonathan Hickman, wrote the Flash Forward series and the current Red Hood: Outlaw comic for DC. Shutdown with the rest of us, he is also having […]

John Byrne at NYCC

From John Byrne to Scott Lobdell – Daily LITG, 5th April 2020

People love to read about John Byrne and Wolverine – more than read about Scott Lobdell and X-Men – for now at least. Welcome to the daily Lying In The Gutters a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. John Byrne, […]


Why Does Steve Trevor Remember the New 52 Wonder Woman, Not the Rebirth One?

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev are returning to the events of Event Leviathan in Leviathan Dawn this week. The preview includes a scene in which the captured Steve Trevor thinks about Wonder Woman. But rather than think of the current canon version of Wonder Woman from Rebirth by Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp and Nicola […]

Red Hood And The Outlaws Really Wants to Be The Men

Scott Lobdell Really Wants Red Hood's Outlaws to Be the X-Men

The cover solicitation for Red Hood And The Outlaws #38 didn't have any speech balloons on it. But the published one did. A phrase very familiar to mutant readers… …used over and over… …and over and over… …including a version popping up with similar effect in House Of X #1. The series has seen Jason […]

Red Hood: Outlaw #37 to Debut a New Non-Binary Superhero, DNA

Red Hood: Outlaw #37 to Debut New Non-Binary Superhero, DNA

This Wednesday sees a new issue of Red Hood: Outlaw, re-teaming writer Scott Lobdell with Kenneth Rocafort. They had a productive creative collaboration on Red Hood And The Outlaws, Teen Titans and Superman in the past. And now Rocafort returns to Red Hood just as Jason Todd has accepted an offer from Lex Luthor as […]

Roc Upchurch Returns to Comics With Survivalist Horror, "Everglade Angels"

Roc Upchurch, or John Upchurch, is best known as the artist and co-creator of Rat Queens, the Image Comics title co-created with Kurtis J Wiebe. The other reason he's known in the comics industry is for leaving Rat Queens, In October 2014, Roc Upchurch was arrested on charges of domestic violence, specifically "Battery- Family Violence, […]

Sexual Harassment and the Comics Industry – Again

It's not uncommon for allegations of sexual harassment to arise – or rather, be repeated when an individual is gaining prominence. And that seems to be happening right now with Scott Lobdell. Again. He is the current writer on comic books Red Hood: Outlaw and Nightwing for DC Comics, as well as the upcoming Heroes […]

Dan Jurgens Takes Over Nightwing from Scott Lobdell in April

In March, writer Eric Esquivel was set to co-write Nightwing with Scott Lobdell, with eventual plans for Esquivel to take over the title. That wasn't to be due to obvious reasons. But it looks like DC has found a replacement, as a leaked-on-4chan solicit for April's Nightwing #59 lists a new writer, Dan Jurgens, alongside […]

A Very Lobdell ThanXgiving Part 1: Uncanny X-Men #308 [X-ual Healing]

Ah, Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday where families gather together to gorge on Turkey and stuffing, watch football, and argue viciously about politics. What better time could there be to slip away from your loved ones and read about comics on the internet? We've got your back here at X-ual Healing, the weekly X-Men recap column, […]

First Look at Grimmer, Grittier, Dickless Post-Shooting Nightwing #50

DC Comics has revealed a preview of Nightwing #50, otherwise known as the prequel to Scott Lobdell's upcoming epic Nightwing run. This story takes place after the now Dickless Nightwing has recovered from the gun shot to the head he suffered in Batman #55. A press release contains more details: Things haven't been easy for […]