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Alan Moore's Providence #1 And More This Week From Avatar Press
It is a big week for Avatar Press with the much heralded arrival of Alan Moore's Providence #1 coming up on 5/27 along with Dark Gods #6, God is Dead #36 and Uber #25 Dark Gods #6 The final issue of the first powerful arc of Justin Jordan's Dark Gods is here! The agents of The Storm[...]
C-Day Is Wednesday As Crossed: Badlands #75 Hits Comic Shops
Also in shops is Crossed +100 #4, Dark Gods #5 and God Is Dead #32. Crossed: Badlands #75 Crossed C-Day 2015 is here!  And to celebrate the event,superstar writer Kieron Gillen (Uber, Wicked & Devine) is launching a new story arc that will take the horrors of the Crossed back to the ancient past!  75,000 years ago[...]
Dark Gods #4 Hits Comics Shops This Week
In stores this week from Avatar Press is the fourth issue in Justin Jordan's horrifying tale Dark Gods The series is illustrated by German Erramouspe and includes painted sequences by Michael DiPascale This issue is available with covers by Erramouspe, DiPascale or Christian Zanier. Dark Gods #4 There are things out there from the darkness which were[...]
A Comic Show – Carnage Has To Punish Harley!
Avatar and Justin Jordan's Dark Gods wowed me, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes God is Dead, or much of Alan Moore's dark magic books. Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom, I'm back with a fifth week of October comics! This week is full of fun with laugh out[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – Welcome The Dark Gods
Launching next Wednesday are Baltimore: Wolf And The Apostle, Harley Quinn Annual, Rasputin, Axis: Carnage, Axis Revolutions, Death Of Wolverine: Deadpool And Captain America, Deathlok, Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration, True Stories, Beast Commandoes, Rogue The Burning Heart, Roman Ritual, Dark Gods, Sonic Boom, Godkiller Walk Among Us, I Play The Bad Guy, Phantom and Dredd Uprise. The week[...]
Crossed, Dark Gods, Uber, And More In December Solicitations From Avatar Press
Here we have the complete December solicitations for Avatar Press which includes the new Crossed +100 by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade and the second issue in Justin Jordan's Dark Gods plus God Is Dead, Uber and more Look out for some Crossed +100 cover features coming up on Bleeding Cool. ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE GN –[...]