And Finally – Rob Granito Records Song, Inspires Another Song And A New Lawsuit

A few days ago, Rob Granito launched a YouTube channel with a song of his, entitled Don't Judge Him. He's now made the song private-viewers only after the massively negative response it had from internet commentators, then closed his account.

Thankfully the song got saved and uploaded elsewhere, thanks to the efforts of one Ken Oakley. Listen to his pleading chorus.

However Jeremy Costa decide to do a slightly NSFW response to the man, using the same video.

But in the original video, Granito-critic William Cash noticed in the comments from Rob concerning his new publishing company;

Another new title from the group at BadBoyComics is MythWorld which we will look into lisense to movies and video gamers MythWorld has the half people half tiger guardiens which protect the Earth from shadow demons even if their hiding the dark secret Look for our next press releases on the Cool website soon

And apparently he has some claim on such a book, and replied;

To whit I replied, "MythWorld? Really? As a flagrant violation of copyright laws, I am now on the phone with my attourney. I OWN The rights to the story you have "created" from my property. I merchandising started and ready for pre-production. Several proposals for this are also in the hands of a number of studios looking for new material. SO not only do I have my publisher's attourney, I have a toy manufacturer looking after me, and the possibility of an entertainment lawyer to help out.

It is now 25 minutes later. I have already been in contact with my publisher. Working on getting fraudboy's address. His video has been taken down and his page is now gone. That is not going to stop me.

More to come I'm sure…

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