The 15th Rumour Awards – Scam Of The Year

It's a long long time since the very first one of these. I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing. 15 years later, that's still to be determined. But here we go again with a self congratulatory pat on the back. Mostly. […]

The 15th Rumour Awards – Swipe Of The Year

It's a long long time since the very first one of these. I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing. 15 years later, that's still to be determined. But here we go again with a self congratulatory pat on the back. Mostly. […]

The Catfish Comic Artist Swipers Of Miami

Back in September, Bleeding Cool ran an article on a Miami artist calling herself Angel Isart, associated with a tattoo parlour called Miami Inkslinger, selling canvases of comic book inspired work for thousands of dollars a piece. And naturally, it was all heavily swiped work. We called her the Rob Granito of Miami. And that, it […]

Lying In The Gutters – 28th September 2015

Sweet Melody by SryntyBeast So what have you been reading this week? Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. The Truth About Marvel's X-Men/Inhumans Decision? Maybe… 2. Tony Wolf's Short Comic About Killing Jason Todd For #BatmanDay 3. Tony S Daniel Outgrosses Himself With Deathstroke #10 (SPOILERS) 4. DC Comics Editors Strongly Urged To Use Affirmative Action When […]

The Rob Granito Of Buenos Aires?

Drawn by Dik Low from Malaysia and posted to DeviantArt a year ago. And this is an image now claimed as theirs by CDC Cuadros de Comics of Buenos Aires and being sold for $650. Oh look, the signature changed. Who did it first do you think? CDC even shows some of their working out on another picture… Of course that is […]

The Rob Granito Of Miami?

Linked to Miami Inkslingers Tattoos, let's take a look at the painted canvas work of Angely Isart. Though some of her portraits seem a little familiar. From Gary Frank…. To Dale Keown… (on sale for $700) To David Finch… To Marc Silvestri… sold for $1,500. Though she admits to this one. None of them […]

Swipe File: Mitch Foust Vs. Pat McCarny

There has been a resurgence of late in colouring books aimed at an adult audience. Basically Simon Pegg was right. Anyway, this one caught the eye of some… the Celtic Coloring Book: Mythology, Spirituality and Magic Celtic Coloring Book for Adults (Volume 1) by Pat McCarny. Except the cover art was by Mitch Foust, posted […]

The Rob Granito eBay Charity Sale – Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up!

You may recall Rob Granito, a swiper extraordinaire who used to strut the lines of Comic Cons across the country selling his wares as he made up a fictional CV of working on Batman animated series and of working with many other comic book creators, all while swiping work their and selling it as if […]

The Inspiration Of Peter Repovski

Peter Repovski is a comic book artist who appeared at Toronto Comic Con this past weekend. Though some thought his work he was selling as prints looked a little familiar. Courtesy of Kraig Alexander, Ty Templeton and my own two eyes. As Templeton states, I've been to the website, and there are TONS of full […]

Lying In The Gutters – 19th January 2015 – Fantastic Fox

It's always fun when this kind of thing happens. This week, I took the girls to see Big Hero 6, ahead of its UK release at the end of the month. By which time you'll probably be able to buy the DVD on Region 1. I would get annoyed at the UK/US release schedule, but […]

Gary Parkin, The Rob Granito Of eBay Sketch Covers?

Comic book artist Meghan Hetrick was tipped off by a fan of hers that British artist Gary Parkin selling a sketch cover of Evil Ernie #1 with Lady Death on it on eBay. This image is indeed a blatant rip of the commission she did for the fan, which she posted online. Turns out that she is not […]

Scam Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards

Scam Of The Year So who has been left out of pocket by the work of ne'er-do-wells this year? The year began with UK toy and merchandise store Mother's Basement ceasing trading, leaving hundreds of people out of pocket of hundreds, even thousands of dollars each. But before making it official, the company registered itself […]

Art Cards United – Untied?

Sketch cards have become quite a thing. Small pieces of original art often with pop culture connections, sold for small amounts of money, it's been a way for creators to develop their art, for some to make a living, and trading card companies has seized upon some. As more and more creators turn digital, sketch […]

Lying In The Gutters – 6th September 2014 – Empire State Of Mind

The wonderful look of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, from the upcoming issue 2. See you folk in New York… but first, what have you been reading this week? Or just yesterday? Well… there was one story from yesterday that not so much took the top spot of the week, but is in contention for the […]

Chantella Viala, The Rob Granito Of Canada? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Viala has removed her website, Twitter ID and Facebook page. The original article follows below. This is Canadian artist Chantella Viala working on a painting. She is clearly a talented artist. But might she want to acknowledge the "inspiration" for some of her pieces? As she says, Everyday Chantella is currently working on new, unique pieces […]

Essential 8 Bleeding Cool Stories – Five Years Of Lying In The Gutters

By Erik Grove I'm continuing my special meta columns on Bleeding Cool for the site's 5th anniversary this month. This column will highlight some of what I feel are the biggest and most Bleeding Cool Bleeding Cool stories the site has run since launching. Some of these are huge rumors. Some are just stories about […]

A New Rob Granito At Cherry Capital Comic Con? Do You Know This Artist?

Here's a photo of an artist attending comic conventions, taking commissions to recreate painted covers, like Esad Ribic and Alex Ross pieces. We're not sure of his name. Mike Kingleschmidt has been mentioned by Google is unkind. This pic was from Cherry Capital Con in Traverse City. Have you seen this fellow? This kind of thing […]

Lying In The Gutters 2009-2014 Five Year Commemorative Edition

Here's a special extra Lying In The Gutters for you. Five years worth of stories on Bleeding Cool… which got the most hits over the years? We pieced together the data… thanks to Avatar's Mark Seifert there Entertainly, some of the the articles no longer exist because, well, of advertising concerns. But that's what the […]

The Rob Granito Of Spider-Man Cosplay

From the Evening Express in Aberdeen, Scotland. AN ABERDEEN comic book fan has taken his love of superheroes to another level – by making his own Spider-Man costume. Graham Alexander created the outfit from scratch. The 27-year-old from Peterculter said: "It took me 60 hours to do it all. "There are hundreds of thousands of […]