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The Catfish Comic Artist Swipers Of Miami
We called her the Rob Granito of Miami And that, it seemed, was that. Then three days ago, someone seemed to notice She amended all her posts to read "Not my original artwork" which is all fair and good Lesson learned maybe? There may be copyright issues but there was no more deception right? Well, maybe someone new posted[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 28th September 2015
The Truth About Marvel's X-Men/Inhumans Decision? Maybe… 2. Tony Wolf's Short Comic About Killing Jason Todd For #BatmanDay 3. Tony S Daniel Outgrosses Himself With Deathstroke #10 (SPOILERS) 4. DC Comics Editors Strongly Urged To Use Affirmative Action When Hiring Writers And Artists 5. Philip Morris Confirms He Had Missing Third Episode Of Doctor Who Web Of Fear 6. Secrets Of The Battleworld – Get[...]
The Rob Granito Of Buenos Aires?
Drawn by Dik Low from Malaysia and posted to DeviantArt a year ago. And this is an image now claimed as theirs by CDC Cuadros de Comics of Buenos Aires
The Rob Granito Of Miami?
A canvas feels like a ripoff… So… the Miami Rob Granito? What do you think?   Linked to Miami Inkslingers Tattoos, let's take a look at the painted canvas work of Angely Isart. Though some of her portraits seem a little familiar. From Gary Frank…. To Dale Keown… (on sale for $700) To David Finch… To Marc Silvestri… sold for $1,500. Though she admits to this one. None[...]
Swipe File: Mitch Foust Vs. Pat McCarny
There was one five star review amongst them all. Brilliant idea! Very good product. Who wrote that? Rob Granito Most amusing Sadly some didn't get the joke. Stop promoting theft! I hope you are both banned~! no this is stolen work so NOT 5 stars…shame on you… Oh really? What was good about this product? The stolen artwork? I guess not everyone knows[...]
The Rob Granito eBay Charity Sale – Roll Up, Roll Up, Roll Up!
You may recall Rob Granito, a swiper extraordinaire who used to strut the lines of Comic Cons across the country selling his wares as he made up a fictional CV of working on Batman animated series and of working with many other comic book creators, all while swiping work their and selling it as if[...]
The Inspiration Of Peter Repovski
This prick is Granito-2015. Ha! I emailed the guy (there's a contact on his website), and he SWEARS these are originals…he has the ink and paper versions to prove it! The poor lad doesn't quite understand what the word "plagiarism" means He genuinely believes if he hand copies something, it becomes his own artwork[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 19th January 2015 – Fantastic Fox
Sorry, Spider-Ma'am. 13. DC Comics Solicitations For April 2015 – With Nicola Scott Nightwing Butt Shots 14. The 22-Year Evolution Of Spawn 15. Sarah Silverman In Deadpool Tells Roxxon To Get Out Of Her… What Now? 16. Retconning The Snap Wilson Retcon In All-New Captain America 17. Will We Get A Supaidaman Series from Marvel? It's In Your Hands 18. Will We Get Back The Old Amanda[...]
Scam Of The Year – The 14th Annual Rumour Awards
We have not seen him operate since April. But out-Josh Hooping Josh Hoopes had to be David Eugene Wilson, of Logan Props. From taking cosplayer money and never fulfilling commissions, for swiping designs to eventually delivering goods that are not as promised, this is the face of the worst consumer service in cosplay on the planet. There were a few[...]
Art Cards United – Untied?
I think she needs the Granito treatment and be forced out of the comic art scene completely. Justin Williams Armchair lawyer here but…..I'm almost 100% sure her "legal disclaimer" wouldn't hold up in court The reason is that it isn't signed by any the involved parties meaning that its would be VERY hard to prove to a[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 6th September 2014 – Empire State Of Mind
And Beyond Today's Futures End Brings You… The Blood Moon The Fantastic Four Conspiracy: Another Disappearing Galactus X-Factor Gets X-Voted? Speculator Corner: Wolverine #80 Those Marvel Future Tripod Thingies Return In Uncanny X-Men Social Media Responds To Kevin Smith's Tusk And The Announcement Of Clerks 3 Chantella Viala, The Rob Granito Of Canada? 43 Thoughts About 43 Comics The New Women Of Marvel Comics? Guardians[...]