Are You A Criminal Under UK Law?

Not surprisingly, the new laws in Britain concerning child pornography have been welcomed by some in the comics industry. Those who specifically feel embarrassed by certain offensive works and by reams of specialist manga publications and would rather, by whatever means, that these comics just went away. That the industry would be a lot healthier and happier without them. And that the people who would be targeted are just the weird creepy sort that, frankly, might serve society to be locked up.

One told me "Who cares if we lose Lost Girls when Alan Moore has written so much more?" Well that's the thing. What do you have on your bookshelves that could land you three years in jail?

Under the following clause alone, describing illegal illustration containing certain acts;

(7) Those acts are—
(a) the performance by a person of an act of intercourse or oral sex with or in the presence of a child;

well, that could be applied to so much. We're not just talking Lost Girls here. Think about it, what else has Moore written?

The Watchmen scene with Kovacs, his mother and her customer?


The scene in the boarding school with The Invisible Man in League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One?


The predatory vicar scene in V For Vendetta?

If you put everyone in the UK with copies of those books in jail for three years… well, we're going to have to build a lot more prisons.

And how long till the tabloids start showing seventeen year olds girls being dragged away for their yaoi fan fic?

Watchmen, and V For Vendetta art is copyright DC Comics. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen art is copyright Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill.

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