As Archie Drops The Comics Code, We Ask, Where Are The Documents? (UPDATE)

And that's it. Newsarama has reported that Archie has dropped the Comics Code with February books. DC dropped it with April books. Bongo dropped it early last year, though no one noticed at the time.

Archie Comics were one of the founders of the Comics Magazine Association of Americaand were significantly involved in administrating the Code throughout.

If we are truly seeing the end of the Code, it would be a tragedy for the history attached to it disappear.  Can you imagine the correspondence and records that must exist in their files?  Truly a snapshot of how the industry worked for a long time. And now lost to us.

If anyone has any idea how to get access to these files, please suggest it. We're at a loss. Perhaps standing outside the right dumpster at the right time?

Anyone? Anyone?


UPDATE: Yes, Scott Edelman, exactly like this!

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