Avatar Plug of the Week: Night of the Living Dead Volume 3

When George A. Romero and John Russo first created NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD fifty years ago, who would have know it would have such far-reaching influence? The zombie concept and post-apocalyptic scenarios can be found everywhere in popular culture: critically-acclaimed television series, best-selling survival guides, cartoonish video games like Plants vs. Zombies, cosplayers organizing zombie walks, etc. But the grandaddy of the genre is still undead and kicking, as Avatar Press continues to contribute horrific glimpses of humanity's demise in its NOTLD comic book series.

Today, the zombie plague spreads once again across the globe, as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD VOLUME 3: DEATH VALLEY hits store shelves everywhere. The third volume in Avatar's gruesome line, the DEATH VALLEY storyline is written by horror master Mike Wolfer (STITCHED, LADY DEATH, WAR GODDESS) and features the atmospheric artwork of the talented Dheeraj Verma.

In the collected "Death Valley" storyline, set in 1969, and though the risen dead had ravaged the eastern seaboard a year earlier, two thousand miles of distance bring comfort to a handful of young and carefree "weekend warriors.". Eager to leave their tensions behind, they head out into the Californian dunes for three days of hot sun, dune buggies, and skimpy bikinis. But the pristine white sands will soon run red, as a secret even more gut-wrenching than flesh-eating ghouls comes to light. Also, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD VOLUME 3 includes an added bonus story set in the Louisiana bayou, where the psychological threat of the coming undead hordes pits survivor against survivor. Check out our preview below!

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All in all, this third volume in the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD graphic novel series captures the pure essence of Romero's horror vision: the tense human drama when faced with overwhelming fear of death. It's sure to satisfy the gore-hound in all of us!

$19.99 Retail, Cover by Mike Wolfer (See Top)
Diamond Item Code: DEC110855
ISBN: 978-1-59291-147-9

$27.99 Retail, Cover by Mike Wolfer (See Left)
Diamond Item Code: DEC110856
ISBN: 978-1-59291-148-6

Available at fine comic book specialty stores everywhere! Can't find it? Ask your shopkeeper to place one on order for you!  Virtually the entire line of Avatar Press graphic novels, from such fan-favorite creators as Mike Wolfer, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Jacen Burrows, Alan Moore, and so many more, are still in print and readily available for order.  Your Friendly Neighborhood Comic Shop would be more than happy to help you out.