Cameos, Credit Scenes And References – How Ant-Man Ties Into The MCU And The Comics (SPOILERS)

This is not a review of Ant-Man. You can find that right here. But first, for the most anal of you out there, and I count myself as one, here are the cameos, the references and, yes, both credit sequences for Ant-Man, that I was able to jot down while watching it earlier this week. Some of you like to know them in advance so they can both anticipate and look out for them. If that's not you, you can read the full reduced-spoiler review here.

Hank Pym used to work for SHIELD before setting up on his own as Pym Industries. We see the older Howard Stark played by John Slattery and rather-better-aged Peggy Carter in a scene set in 1989. Michael Douglas' young looks works well too.

Pym is not a fan of Tony Stark, and the idea of Stark getting his hands on his technology scares him. That's why, as Scott Lang's request, "I think our first move should be to call the Avengers", he declines saying that they "are too busy dropping cities out of skies." Oops.


Scott Lang stays in the Milgrom Hotel, named after comics artist Al Milgrom.

His crime is not too dissimilar to that of Richard Pryor's character in Superman III. Indeed, it seems a deliberate similarity.

One of the ne'er-do-wells in the film has a Ten Mandarin Ring neck tattoo.

We see old footage scenes of Hank Pym Ant Man in action against soldiers. "Silly I know, propaganda, Tales To Astonish!" as Darren Cross says. That was the title of the comic Ant-Man first appeared in in the sixties.

The Yellowjacket suit is bases on Ant Man's recurring second identity in the comics.

The Falcon isn't just here in a cameo. We visit the new Avengers base as seen at the end of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and Sam Wilson is at home. Cue one of the major fight scenes of the movie. Though, as Falcon says to a HW "It's really important to be that the Captain doesn't find out about this.

We flashback to a time when Ant Man fought alongside The Wasp and see them both in action together.

We are told (and see) the Quantum Realm if you shift to subatomic size. Sadly there appears to be no Microverse here. Or, rather, not yet. Maybe if they work things out with Fox Studios.

The schematic and the plans totally look like the Death Star.

Hydra are here.

Stan Lee makes a cameo as a bartender, lipsynching to the narrator's version of events and what he is meant to have said. Basically, Stan ends up sounding gangsta.

There is a mention of another superhero. "We have a guy who can jump, who can swing, who can crawl up walls." Just that line, but yes, that's Spider-Man.

Credits see Ant-Man created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby.

The mid-credit scene, has Captain America, The Falcon and I think a dishevelled, though floppy haired Winter Soldier who is in some kind of fix, that whatever it is, would have been easier to deal with the previous day. Because now they can't ask Tony Stark for help. Will they be forced to reconsider their position with Tony? "Maybe not, I know a guy" says Falcon.

Clearly Cap didn't find out…

We are told that Ant Man will return.

More credits make a lot of name checks, everyone from John Byrne to Robert Kirkman.

The final credit scene sees Hank Pym revealing the next version of the Wasp suit that he had been working with Janet Van Dyne on, for Hope Pym to wear. Looks like we have our second Wasp…

Ant-Man is released in the UK and the USA on 17th July

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