More DC Comics Omnibuses, Absolutes, Completes, Deluxes And Big Books For 2017 And 2018

There are plenty of big books coming through the DC Comics system for late 2017 and early 2018. Here's a look at some of them…


Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus over here.

DC Rebirth Extended Omnibus over here

Justice League Detroit and Justice League International Omnibuses here

Bronze Age Swamp Thing and DC Horror: House of Secrets Omnibus here.

Grayson Super Spy Omnibus here

Harley Quinn Omnibus here.

Batman & Robin by Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus
November 2017 $99.99 800 pages

Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's critically acclaimed, best-selling run on the Dynamic Duo is now collected in its entirety with this new oversize omnibus graphic novel series, starting here in BATMAN & ROBIN BY PETER TOMASI & PATRICK GLEASON VOL. 1! Teaming Batman with his son Damian, a.k.a. Robin, Tomasi and Gleason's run on the title was one of the standout titles in DC's New 52 relaunch. Mixing in dark themes from Damian's childhood with the League of Assassins with touching stories of a father and son, this creative team invented some of the greatest Batman and Robin stories ever told! With stunning art from Gleason, this NEW YORK TIMES best-selling series is now legendary in stature.

Collects BATMAN & ROBIN #1-40 plus annuals.

Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1

26 December $99.99 500 pages

Now, for the first time ever, Gotham's greatest heroine's adventures are collected in this oversize omnibus collection, BATGIRL: THE BRONZE AGE OMNIBUS VOL. 1! These hard-to-find 1970s tales featuring Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, are now re-cut and collected in their entirety!

Should be some nice Trevor Von Eeden stories in there… In the light of new interest in his Black Lighting stories, will his Green Arrow and Batman comics be next?

Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2
16 January 2018 $99.99

In this collection of 1960s Supergirl adventures, the Girl of Steel meets the Tot from Nowhere, learns more about the fate of her home on Argo City and encounters Lex Luthor's sister, Lena Thurol. Plus, as Linda Danvers, she enrolls in Stanhope College and considers leaving Earth for a planet of super-powered women.

Collects stories from ACTION COMICS #308-333, #335-340, #342, #344-346, #48-350, #353-354, #356-359, #361-372 and #374-376.

Green Arrow: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 1
7th November $125.00 700 pages

For the first time, DC collects the early 1940s tales that introduced the crime-fighting archer known as Green Arrow, who today stars in the hit CW TV series ARROW. In these original adventures, millionaire industrialist Oliver Queen battles crime with the help of his young ward, Speedy, taking on corruption and crime in Star City, including villains like Bull's-Eye, the Voice, the Skylark and many more.



Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 5
12 December 2017 $75.00
A massive hardcover collecting Superman's exciting adventures!

Superman's earliest adventures are collected in a single volume covering the mid-1940s.

Moving beyond the archive editions

Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4
21 November 2017 $75.00

Batman's first adventures are collected here in an oversize omnibus edition, with BATMAN: THE GOLDEN AGE OMNIBUS VOL. 4!
A comprehensive collection of the Dark Knight's Golden Age adventures from some of the creative titans of the comic book industry.

Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus
17 October 2017 $75.00

Collected for the first time in its entirety, experience the epic conclusion to Geoff Johns' five-year run on JUSTICE LEAGUE with JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE DARKSEID WAR SAGA OMNIBUS!
The Justice League came together to stop the forces of Darkseid from destroying Earth five years ago. Now the ruler of Apokolips returns, but sets his sights on the world-shattering Anti-Monitor. Will the combined might of the Justice League be enough to protect the Earth from the collateral damage as Gods fight? The NEW YORK TIMES best-selling series from Geoff Johns comes to its explosive conclusion here in this massive hardcover!
Featuring art from comics industry all-stars including Jason Fabok, Francis Manapul and more—collects JUSTICE LEAGUE: SNEAK PEEK #1, JUSTICE LEAGUE #40-50, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR SPECIAL #1, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR one shots (Starring Superman, Lex Luthor, Flash, Shazam, Batman and Green Lantern).

Batman Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2: Knightquest
31 October $99.99

This classic storyline that led to the birth of a new Batman begins as the Dark Knight's greatest enemies have all simultaneously escaped from Arkham Asylum and are preying on Gotham City. With his city under siege, Batman pushes his body to its physical breaking point as he takes on the Joker, the Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, the Riddler and the Scarecrow, one after another. But things get much worse when Bane, the man behind all of this madness, confronts an exhausted Batman and cripples him by breaking his back.
Collects the entire Knightfall: Knightquest saga in a single hardcover edition including JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE #5-6, DETECTIVE COMICS #667-675, ROBIN #1, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #19-28, BATMAN #501-508 and CATWOMAN #6-7.

Absolute Collections

As well as Absolute Authority and Absolute WildCATS

Absolute Justice League: The World's Greatest Superheroes by Alex Ross & Paul Dini (New Edition)
19 September 2017 $75.00
Paul Dini, the Emmy Award-winning producer of BATMAN BEYOND, joins forces with superstar illustrator Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME) to create six original graphic novels starring The World's Greatest Superheroes! Beautifully painted and meticulously researched, these tales strike at the heart of each individual character in a way only the powerhouse creative team of Dini and Ross can do!
After years out of print, these six stories are now collected in a massive oversize absolute edition: SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH, BATMAN: WAR ON CRIME, SHAZAM!: POWER OF HOPE, WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH, JLA: SECRET ORIGINS and JLA: LIBERTY AND JUSTICE

Absolute Justice League: Origin
07 November $99.99

Now packaged in an oversize Absolute Edition, the NEW YORK TIMES best-selling JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN defined the status of the DC Universe in the New 52 following a line-wide relaunch of every title and is written by DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and illustrated by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee!
In a world where inexperienced superheroes operate under a cloud of suspicion from the public, loner vigilante Batman has stumbled upon a dark evil that threatens to destroy the Earth as we know it. Now, faced with a threat far beyond anything he can handle on his own, the Dark Knight must trust an alien, a Scarlet Speedster, an accidental teenage hero, a space cop, an Amazon Princess and an undersea monarch. Will this combination of Superman, the Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman be able to put aside their differences and come together to save the world? Or will they destroy each other first?
In one of the most game-changing titles in comics history, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee reimagine the classic heroes of the DC Universe. This Absolute edition collects issues #1-12 of JUSTICE LEAGUE, part of the DC Comics—The New 52 event, and includes behind-the-scenes scripts, concept sketches and variant covers, all in an exclusive oversize slipcase.

Complete Collections

Deadman by Kelley Jones: The Complete Collection
05 September $24.99 400 pages

During the horror boom of the early '90s' ushered in by Neil Gaiman's THE SANDMAN at Vertigo, DC's demonic Deadman saw a resurgence thanks to two terrifying tales written by Mike Baron (ACTION COMICS) with stunning art by Kelley Jones (BATMAN)

Deadman has gone from supernatural hero to insane spirit of evil. Now, he is trying to pull back, to retreat from what he has become. But the forces of Hell aren't making it easy. And those who would aid him—the Phantom Stranger and Madame Waxahachie—for all their mystic abilities, cannot stem a tide of demons bursting forth to prey upon humanity. The power lies within Deadman, but it can only be unlocked if he faces the secret within him—the secret that has driven him mad. How can Deadman save the world when he cannot save himself?


Night Force by Marv Wolfman: The Complete Series
31 October $39.99

Writer Marv Wolfman and artist Gene Colan, the creative team behind the classic Marvel Comics 1970s series TOMB OF DRACULA, reunited in 1982 for NIGHT FORCE, collected here for the first time ever. The series begins as the mysterious sorcerer Baron Winter assembles a team to take on an occult evil. But can the granddaughter of Dracula's greatest foe, a powerful parapsychologist and a time-lost warrior from the court of King David, tackle these threats?
Collecting NEW TEEN TITANS #21 and NIGHT FORCE #1-14.

Anarky: The Complete Collection
23 January 2018 $19.99

What motivates Anarky, one of the most lethal and distrubing villains in the DCU? He wants to tear down the very fabric of civilization, so that he can start everything over under his own mad philosophical ideas.
After first appearing in DETECTIVE COMICS, Anarky became a cult favorite villain of the 1990s and was featured in two of his own series. He also made multiple appearances in other DC Comics series. While trying to spread his anti-establishment credo, Anarky crosses path with characters from the dark corners of the DCU like The Demon and Darkseid, as well as one of the world's finest superheroes, the Dark Knight himself, Batman!

And other notable big books…

Aquaman: Waterbringer Vol 2 here.

Jack Kirby volumes here.

The Annotated Watchmen

The Atlantis Chronicles

The DC Universe by John Byrne

Jim Balents' Catwoman Book One

Harley Quinn: DC Super Hero Girls, Out Of The Bottle OGN

Batman: The War Of Jokes And Riddles

Batman: His Greatest Adventures
19 September 2017 $9.99

The ultimate graphic novel companion collection to Batman Day at an affordable $9.99 price point!

This anthology collection of some of the greatest Dark Knight tales of all-time are featured here in this $9.99 graphic novel perfect for Batman Day 2017!

DC Meets Hanna-Barbera
26 September $16.99

DC's reimagining of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons takes on a whole new meaning as DC superheroes cross over with these wacky cartoon characters!

What happens when Booster Gold meets Fred Flintstone? How about Harley Quinn meeting the animal rock band Banana Splits? Find out in this unbelievable collection of crazy crossovers starring super heroes and cartoons alike!

The Legion by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Vol. 1
26 September $24.99 224 pages

From the best-selling creators of ANNIHILATION, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's legendary run on the 31st century heroes is now re-collected in a new graphic novel series, THE LEGION BY DAN ABNETT AND ANDY LANNING VOL. 1!

After finding their way back to Earth after being stranded in a distant galaxy, the Legion of Super-Heroes, including young heroes like Live Wire, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Chameleon, XS, Brainiac 5.1, Apparition and more, are faced with protecting the United Planets from the worst threats in the universe. This rebooted 1990s team breathed a whole new life into the legendary Legion, guided by superstar creators-in-the making Abnett and Lanning.


Justice League by Geoff Johns Box Set Vol. 1
10 October $49.99 560 pages

Geoff Johns' first three volumes of the #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling series is collected here in a new slipcase set of graphic novels, the JUSTICE LEAGUE BY GEOFF JOHNS BOX SET!

From the beginning of the New 52 DC Comics line, JUSTICE LEAGUE by Geoff Johns was recognized as not just one of the strongest titles in the relaunch, but one of the greatest series of all time. Now, the thee best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novels that began it all—JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN, JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 2: THE VILLAIN'S JOURNEY and JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 3: THE THRONE OF ATLANTIS—are available together in this new set, featuring an exclusive slipcase made specifically for this collection!

With art from some of the best illustrators in the industry including Jim Lee and Ivan Reis, this new collection is the perfect addition for any hardcore fan, as well as a great jumping-on point FOR one of the greatest comic book runs of all time.

The JUSTICE LEAGUE BY GEOFF JOHNS BOX SET is a perfect gift idea for the holidays or to tie into the November 2017 big-screen release of JUSTICE LEAGUE!


Justice League: Their Greatest Triumphs
10 October $9.99 168 pages

Prepare for the World's Greatest Superheroes to finally hit the big screen with this compilation graphic novel companion to 2017's most highly anticipated film, JUSTICE LEAGUE: THEIR GREATEST TRIUMPHS!

Superman. Batman. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Aquaman. Cyborg. The mightiest heroes in the DC Universe have finally united as they face a threat larger than any one of them can handle on their own! Featuring the characters from the Warner Brothers feature film Justice League, JUSTICE LEAGUE: THEIR GREATEST TRIUMPHS collects the greatest comic stories ever told, with contributions from such legendary creators as Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Gardner Fox, Gerry Conway and more!

At $9.99, this new graphic novel collection is not only a great deal, but a great starting point for the most powerful super team in the DC Universe!

Wonder Woman & the Justice League America Vol. 2
10 October $19.99

Wonder Woman leads the Justice League of America into action in these never-before-collected tales from the 1990s.

The Justice League of America's globe-hopping 1990s adventures with Wonder Woman are collected for the first time.
downContributor Bio(s)

Dan Vado is a comics writer who turned publisher in 1986 when he founded the small comics company Slave Labor Graphics, which continues to publish comics to this day.

The Flash by Mark Waid Book Three
17 October $34.99

Superstar writer Mark Waid's run on THE FLASH is now re-collected in a new series of graphic novels, continuing in THE FLASH BY MARK WAID BOOK THREE!

Collects THE FLASH #83-94.


Superman: An Adult Coloring Book
12 December $15.99 96 pages

Now you can color the Man of Steel your way in this new adult coloring book, SUPERMAN: AN ADULT COLORING BOOK!

Featuring covers, pinups and comics pages from some of the greatest illustrators in DC history, the Kryptonian hero now has a coloring book to call all his own!


Justice League: An Adult Coloring Book
17 October $15.99

Now you can color DC Comics and characters from Fall 2017's biggest blockbuster in JUSTICE LEAGUE: AN ADULT COLORING BOOK!

DC presents classic and contemporary adventures in a whole new way: in black and white, on heavy stock suitable for coloring, featuring action scenes, covers and iconic moments of the Justice League!

Teen Titans Go!: A Kids Coloring Book
07 November $7.99 96 pages

Now you can color your favorite characters from the top-rated TV series and graphic novel series TEEN TITANS GO!

Featuring all your favorite characters from the Cartoon Network show, including Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven, this new kids' coloring book is printed on heavy stock paper suitable for coloring!

Two Face: A Celebration of 75 Years
7th November $39.99

An anthology collection featuring 75 years of the most notorious stories featuring the classic Batman villain Two-Face.

This anthology graphic novel celebrates 75 years of Two-Face, featuring stories written and drawn by some of the greatest writers and artists in DC Comics history.

Batman: Hush 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
14th  November $49.99 368 pages

One of the most important and critically acclaimed graphic novels of all time is now presented in a deluxe hardcover edition, including many of the extras and bonus materials from ABSOLUTE BATMAN: HUSH.

BATMAN: HUSH 15TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION presents the original graphic novel in hardcover, a story that pits the Dark Knight against a city overrun with its legendary villains. As the likes of the Joker, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and more throw Batman's life into chaos, little do they know they have become pawns to the enigmatic Hush in an elaborate game of revenge against Bruce Wayne.

This truly unforgettable story by two of comics' top talents, writer Jeph Loeb (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, SUPERMAN/BATMAN) and artist Jim Lee (JUSTICE LEAGUE: ORIGIN, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED), presents the Dark Knight's most personal case yet! Collects BATMAN #609-619, along with Jim Lee's pencil pages and concept designs, sketches and script pages from writer Jeph Loeb and more!



Batman: A Lot of Li'l Gotham
5th December $14.99

From NEW YORK TIMES best-selling authors of SECRET HEROES SOCIETY, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, comes the complete collection of the critically acclaimed series BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM.

Featuring versions of Batman, Robin, the Joker and the other heroes and villains of Gotham City as children, this Eisner Award-nominated series follows some of DC's most famous (and infamous) heroes and villains through the holidays. Gorgeously rendered by Dustin Nguyen, this all-ages series is perfect for new readers and veteran fans alike! Now in hardcover, you can collect the entire BATMAN: LI'L GOTHAM series right here in BATMAN: A LOT OF LI'L GOTHAM!

Collects issues #1-12.

The Flash by Geoff Johns Book Four
5th December $29.99

In this fourth volume of his best-selling take on THE FLASH, critically acclaimed writer and Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns takes the Fastest Man Alive on the most thrilling run of his life!

A series of bizarre incidents helps police mechanic Wally West discover that he is the Flash! Can he relearn his powers in time to solve a series of murders in Keystone City? But more importantly, after Wally learns of a dark decision from Barry Allen's past, the current Scarlet Speedster must make some difficult choices of his own.

Collects THE FLASH #201-212.

Batman Noir: The Court of Owls
12th December $34.99

The now-legendary BATMAN VOL. 1: THE COURT OF OWLS graphic novel is presented here in DC's Noir format: without color and featuring the incredible pencils of illustrator Greg Capullo and inkwork of Jonathan Glapion!

After a series of brutal murders rocks Gotham City, Batman begins to realize that perhaps these crimes go far deeper than appearances suggest. As the Caped Crusader begins to unravel this deadly mystery, he discovers a conspiracy going back to his youth and beyond to the origins of the city he's sworn to protect. Could the Court of Owls, once thought to be nothing more than an urban legend, be behind the crime and corruption? Or is Bruce Wayne losing his grip on sanity and falling prey to the pressures of his war on crime?

Collects issues #1-7 of BATMAN, as well as bonus material for the Absolute edition!

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
12th December $24.99

It's the first major event storyline of DC's Rebirth era in JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD!

This was a day that Amanda Waller—the government liaison in charge of Task Force X—always knew would come: the Justice League discovers the existence of the Suicide Squad! The government-sponsored black-ops team of super-villains with bombs implanted in their brains is obviously a dealbreaker for the World's Greatest Superheroes. But you can bet the Wall and her gang won't go down without the fight to end all fights!

Written by rising star Josh Williamson (THE FLASH) with art from acclaimed illustrators Jason Fabok (JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARKSEID WAR), Tony S. Daniel (BATMAN), Fernando Pasarin (JUSTICE LEAGUE), Howard Porter (JLA) and more, the most explosive battle of the year is here in JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. SUICIDE SQUAD!


Shazam: A New Beginning 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
12 December $24.99

Spinning out of the 1980s event "Legends", DC's Captain Marvel, a.k.a. Shazam!, starred in his own miniseries that led to magical new adventures in the pages of ACTION COMICS WEEKLY. In these stories, Billy Batson rediscovers his powers as Shazam! and discovers the secrets of his old foe, Captain Nazi.

Written by industry legend Roy Thomas, this new hardcover is a must-own for any fan of Captain Marvel. SHAZAM: A NEW BEGINNING 30TH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION collects SHAZAM!: THE NEW BEGINNING #1-4 and #623-626.


Batman Unwrapped: Death of the Family
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo
19 December 2017
9781401274887, 1401274889
$29.99 , $39.99 CAD
567 g Wt

Displayed in its orginal pencilled glory right from legendary artist Greg Capullo comes BATMAN: DEATH OF THE FAMILY UNWRAPPED. After having his face sliced off one year ago, the Joker makes his horrifying return to Gotham City! But even for a man who's committed a lifetime of murder, he's more dangerous than ever before. How can Batman protect his city and those he's closest to? It all leads back to Arkham Asylum…

This new hardcover, unwrapped edition collects the critically acclaimed tale DEATH OF THE FAMILY from the superstar #1 New York Times best-selling team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo.


JSA by Geoff Johns Book One
19th December $34.99

Award-winning fan-favorite writer Geoff Johns' first (of many!) award-winning, critically acclaimed series is now collected in this re-cut graphic novel series, starting with JSA BY GEOFF JOHNS BOOK ONE!

Mixing classic heroes such as Green Lantern, The Flash and Wildcat with a younger generation of crimefighters like Starman, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Atom Smasher and the Star-Spangled Kid, Johns revitalized the series and began a career that would see him write such classic graphic novels as JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 1: ORIGIN, BLACKEST NIGHT, BATMAN: EARTH ONE VOL. 1, FLASHPOINT, INFINITE CRISIS and many more!

With contributions from David S. Goyer (screenwriter for THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY), James Robinson (STARMAN) and more, this series set into motion one of the great runs in comics history! Collects JSA #1-5, JSA: SECRET FILES #1, ALL-STAR COMICS #1-2, ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #1, ADVENTURE COMICS #1, NATIONAL COMICS #1, SENSATION COMICS #1, SMASH COMICS #1, STAR-SPANGLED COMICS #1 and THRILLING COMICS #1.

Batman Arkham: Joker's Daughter
26th December $16.99

This anthology collects the tales and history of the most unstable character in the DC Universe in BATMAN ARKHAM: JOKER'S DAUGHTER.

Joker's Daughter goes by many different names, aliases, identities and even team affiliations. The a true anti-hero, she has helped the Teen Titans as a hero yet will succumb to her schizophrenic, delusional whims as Two-Face's actual daughter.



Tales of the Batman: Alan Brennert
02 January 2018 $19.99


Penning just a handful of comic tales over two decades, writer Alan Brennert was never a prolific contributor to the DC Universe. But to fans familiar with those iconic tales, Brennert ranks among the all-time greatest Batman authors. Primarily a writer of television and literary fiction, he wrote only nine stories for DC Comics, but all were instant classics. Largely taking place outside of the main DC continuity, in the realms of Elseworlds and Earth-Two, Brennert's comics are some of the most-thought provoking and insightful in the Dark Knight's history.

Also featuring art by industry legends Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano, Joe Staton, Norm Breyfogle and José Luis García-López, TALES OF THE BATMAN: ALAN BRENNERT brings together for the first time the complete works of a writer who has been a staple DC "Greatest Stories" collections for decades. Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #178, #181, #182 and #197, DETECTIVE COMICS #500, BATMAN: HOLY TERROR #1 and more!


DC Horror: House of Mystery Vol. 1
9th January 2018 $99.99
DC's classic mystery series returned to its horror roots in 1971, starting with the story that introduced the Swamp Thing.

Short tales of mystery and horror by some of comics' top creative talents.

Suicide Squad: The Silver Age
9th January 2018 $29.99

When a large wave carrying a heated object capable of destroying anything in its path appears, the authorities throw everything they have at it to stop it from making landfall. When all other options are exhausted, the U.S. calls in their new team, Task Force X, led by Rick Flag! This is the team that inspired the 2016 movie from Warner Bros.

This new graphic novel collection features the origins of the Suicide Squad! Collects THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #25-27, #37-39.

Superboy Book One
09 January 2018 $24.99

The classic 1990s series is now collected in SUPERBOY BOOK ONE by Karl Kesel.

In the aftermath of the "Reign of the Supermen" and the return of the one true Man of Steel, Superboy moves to Hawaii! However, as his powers develop, the young clone of Superman must find out exactly what it takes to live up to his lofty mantle.

These now-legendary tales from the 1990s from writer Karl Kesel are recut and collected into graphic novels for the first time in years! SUPERBOY BOOK ONE collects issues #0-11.

Superman: Kryptonite Deluxe Edition
16 January 2018 $29.99

Legendary, award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER) joins forces with acclaimed artist Tim Sale (BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN) for this oversize hardcover of SUPERMAN: KRYPTONITE DELUXE EDITION!

This classic graphic novel features an unforgettable story of Superman's first encounter with Kryptonite, the radioactive chunks of his home planet which can kill him and how it changed his life forever! And even if the Man of Steel can survive, will he be able to save Lois Lane from the clutches of a mysterious stranger?

This deluxe hardcover graphic novel features covers, behind-the-scenes sketches and scripts from Cooke and Sale. SUPERMAN: KRYPTONITE DELUXE EDITION collects SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL #1-5 and #11.


Lobo by Keith Giffen & Alan Grant Vol. 1
30 January 2018 $49.99

Experience Lobo as his original creator and comics legend Keith Giffen intended!

Collected in this massive edition, the main man's most fiendish hunts guaranteed to explode with an action-packed fragfest. Brimming over with good-natured gratuitous violence and twisted humor comes everyone's favorite bounty hunter, LOBO!


Sebastian O/Mystery Play by Grant Morrison: The Deluxe Edition
24 October $39.99 CAD

Grant Morrison, legendary writer of such cult smashes as THE INVISIBLES, WE3 and DOOM PATROL, collaborates with artists Steve Yeowell and Jon. J. Muth for the brand-new edition of SEBASTIAN O/MYSTERY PLAY BY GRANT MORRISON: THE DELUXE EDITION.

With the escapist skills of Houdini and the laser-sharp wit of Wilde, dandy Sebastian O is out for revenge on the members of a shadowy, sordid Gentlemen's Club that had him committed to a mental institution. Hunted by assassins, Sebastian believes he will ultimately triumph using merely his exquisite fashion sense! Sebastian O brilliantly blends farce, wit and searing social commentary to expose the hypocrisy of Victorian class culture.

The fully painted psychological thriller THE MYSTERY PLAY illustrates the devastating power of fear and accusations as a small-town community is ripped apart from within. When the actor portraying Satan is accused of brutally murdering the actor playing God in a Renaissance festival, a rural English village teeters on the edge of self-destruction. Looking to save the town from itself, a mysterious detective arrives and begins to piece together the clues of the slaying. But even if the enigmatic stranger can solve the disturbing mystery, the revelation of his true identity and past may still lead to the fiery end of the village.

This new hardcover graphic novel collection features SEBASTIAN O #1-3 and MYSTERY PLAY.

A Very DC Rebirth Holiday Collection
07 November 2017 $16.99

The World's Greatest Superheroes and the the world's most notorious super-villains celebrate the holidays in this new special, starring the characters from DC Rebirth!

Don't miss a Hanukkah crisis for Huntress, a Flash family Christmas, Wonder Woman interrupting John Constantine's hellblazing pagan party and more—including the return of Detective Chimp! Today's top talents bring you a very special holiday gift that'll keep on giving through the New Year! And of course, there's a Harley holiday tale featuring DCU guests that bridges all the stories in the weirdest, wildest way. This new graphic novel collection features creators such as Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, Tom King, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and more! A VERY DC REBIRTH HOLIDAY COLLECTION collects DC REBIRTH HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1, BATMAN ANNUAL #1 and HARLEY QUINN #10.

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