Denver Comic Con '15: The Indie Comics For Kids Panel With Art Baltazar, Ian McGinty, And Mike Kunkel

Ashleigh Jay is an all-ages writer for Bleeding Cool. She has been reporting from Denver Comic Con and is 12 years old. Given the huge amount of programming for young people at Denver Comic Con, one of their missions, we were very happy to have Ashleigh on board to check out some of these events. This time, she attended the Indie Comics For Kids Panel.

She writes:

DCC-2015-FB-Guest-Art-BaltazarArt Baltazar (Tiny Titans, Aw Yeah Comics), Ian McGinty (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors), and Mike Kunkel (Herobear and the Kid, Shazam) were all at the Denver Comic Con "Indie Comics For Kids" panel. There was no moderator, so the panel was very free flowing and loose. The artists were very friendly and enthusiastic. It was great to have some questions answered. Some of the questions and answers were:

Q: What do you like to read?

Art Baltazar: Superman, Walking Dead, Invincible, Ultimate Spiderman

Ian McGinty: All ages comics, Bee and Puppycat, Swamp Thing

Q: What is your favorite character?

Art: I really loved all the Hanna Barbera cartoons…..If I had to choose just one character, it would have to be Magilla Gorilla.

Ian: I was very into Calvin and Hobbes. It got me to start reading…….I would also say Garfield because I could really relate to him as a character.

Mike Kunkel: I really liked Spider-Man……I even ordered the Spider-Man toy web shooter from the back of the comic book and I was super excited and checking the mail every day waiting for it to come……..It was like a little needle that you would press down on and a string would come out. The string wasn't very long, so I added some more.


Q: What are some of the things you guys have been working on?

Art: I have been working on a new project called The Amazing Spidermonkey. It is about a monkey that eats a radioactive spider that just bit some teenager. I am very excited for it to come out. I have been working on adapting Dark Horse characters.

Ian: I have been working on Adventure Time for Boom Comics and they have me doing other assorted things. My friend and I are also working on Bravest Warriors. I have had people come up to me and start crying because we finally represented them in a comic. That meant a lot to me.

Mike: I am doing Herobear right now. Herobear is a character I created myself. I have also done Shazam for DC for a little while ……I have also worked in animation. It is my day job.

DCC-2015-FB-Guest-Mike-KunkelEven though the panel had less attendees than other panels, it was great to get to listen to these guys. They had also included their stories of how they got where they are in the comic business. It was amazing to get to hear every detail. They were funny and I really enjoyed this panel.

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