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How Do I Draw These Memories?
How Do I Draw These Memories? is the debut YA graphic memoir from author-illustrator Jonell Joshua In both prose and illustrations this book traces Joshua's childhood and her family's journey—the joys and the struggles—from Brooklyn to Savannah to New Jersey. Jonell Joshua's Graphic Memoir, How Do I Draw These Memories? "Jonell Joshua spent her childhood shuttling back and[...]
Tasia M S & Barbara Perez Marquez's To Dance The Moon And Stars YA OGN
Content creator/artist Tasia M S and Eisner-nominated writer Barbara Perez Marquez are creating To Dance the Moon and Stars, a YA graphic novel romance based on Indian and Middle Eastern folklore With the help of a dance goddess and her childhood friend, who's also the handsome crown prince, a teen girl must figure out how[...]
 Remy Lai & Lauren Dimaya The Demon's Prince
The Demon's Prince by Remy Lai and Lauren Dimaya is a new YA graphic novel which follows Langya, a royal guard who has spent 250 years in servitude as one of the Five Demons after being murdered by the prince he was sworn to protect To move on to a peaceful afterlife, he has to complete one[...]
I'd Like You to Like Me
I'd Like You To Like Me is the debut YA graphic novel by Kat Schneider This graphic novel "follows 15-year-old Meg during two weeks at Pioneer Bible Camp, a Pentecostal sleepaway camp in the Adirondacks, where first love challenges Meg's faith and view of the world forever". Kat Schneider Would Like You To Like Her Upcoming YA[...]
Always Raining Here
Hazel and Bell's YA graphic novel Always Raining Here, is adapted from the webcomic of the same name, created and posted between February 2011-July 2016 on the website alwaysraininghere.com.  It was self-published in print in English as Bell Books, and then published in Italian in 2020 by Mizar and more recently in French by YBY Editions[...]
Matthew Erman & Sam Beck Bring 'Loving, Ohio' To Dark Horse Comics
Loving, Ohio is an upcoming YA graphic novel by Matthew Erman and Sam Beck, which has been picked up by Konner Knudsen at Dark Horse Comics to be published in August 2024 Matthew Erman tweeted, "The kids have to get the f-ck out of Ohio A original graphic novel about being a teen in a cult[...]
Megan Wagner Lloyd & Erin Kubo Auction The Empty House Graphic Novel
Megan Wagner Lloyd and Erin Kubo have auctioned off the rights to a new YA graphic novel, The Empty House, scheduled for then "When family circumstances force misfit Ada and her mother to relocate, Ada finds herself drawn to a deserted and decaying mansion and a decades-old murder—and becomes determined to discover the secrets hidden within[...]
Cover image for 2000 AD MARCH PROG PACK (JULY 2023 SHIPPING) (MR)
Plus, Hershey returns for her final solo arc in the second half of "The Cold in the Bones," The Out Book III reaches its finale, things get stranger in Azimuth, and Judge Dredd faces off against former Judge Kyle Asher in "A Fallen Man"! In Shops: Aug 30, 2023 SRP: 21.99 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:[...]
 And Then Comes July by Sarah Jung
And Then Comes July is the debut graphic novel by Sarah Jung, a contemporary YA graphic novel that explores two sisters' relationships as they are escaping an unsafe home environment, and their respective immigrant identities. Sarah Jung Sells Her Debut Graphic Novel,  And Then Comes July Arthur A Levine at Levine Querido has bought And Then Comes[...]
Sofia Szamosi's New Graphic Novel, Bad Kid: My Life as a "Troubled Teen"
Bad Kid: My Life as a "Troubled Teen" by Sofia Szamosi is a new YA graphic memoir following Sofia's adolescence being sent away to residential treatment centres for teenagers The book explores how damaging labels can be—from Good Kid to Bad Kid—and how they shape our choices and identities throughout our lives[...]
Louisa Onomé & ONeillJones Auction Feminist Graphic Novel Revenge Arc
Louisa Onomé and ONeillJones have sold their feminist YA graphic novel for a six figure sum at auction Revenge Arc is the story of a group of teen girls at a kickboxing gym decide to get revenge on a boy who wronged them, until it turns out things are more complicated than throwing the first[...]
The Future Of Teenage Boys Reading Comics In America?
And she posted a concern to Twitter that went viral, rather. "It's absolutely wild to me that MG and YA publishing feel like entirely separate entities rather than YA looking at MG and having books its fandoms can slide right into as they age up It's such an absurd disconnect anyone who knows tweens can see[...]
Flora by Paulina Ganucheau
(yes I've heard the name before, it's just so cute)" Cover to Flora by Paulina Ganucheau Ten years later… Flora is to be a YA fantasy romance graphic novel by Paulina Ganucheau to be published in 2025 Paulina Ganucheau is also the creator of Lemon Bird, co-creator of Zodiac Starforce and Another Castle, and artist on Shade The[...]
Coming Out Perfect
Richard Mercado, production artist at Skybound Entertainment, and creator of No Boyfriends Since Birth, has sold the rights to his first YA graphic novel, Coming Out Perfect, for six figures to David Saylor and Emily Nguyen at Scholastic/Graphix Coming Out Perfect is, about a teenage boy who, after a failed attempt to come out to[...]
Tim Seeley To Draw New YA Graphic Novel Series, Pretty Evil.
But now he is going where the real money is. Tim Seeley by Luigi Novi Pretty Evil is a new series of YA graphic novels, drawn by Tim Seeley and written by wife-and-husband team Rebekah McKendry and David Ian McKendry, best known for writing and directing movies such as Glorious, Psycho Granny and All the Creatures Were Stirring. In[...]
Fast Break
Cyrena Lee's debut as a YA graphic novel writer, drawn by Julia Kuo of I Dream of Popo, is tentatively titled Prodigy, though maybe they are wondering to see how Mark Millar, Image Comics or Netflix react to that Prodigy follows "Japanese-American character Ashima Shiraishi's swift ascent in the climbing world as a child prodigy[...]
Everyone Is White On The Internet by Nadia Shammas & Molly Murakami
The Masked Princess, written by Ted Anderson and drawn by Ollie Roswell, is an upcoming YA graphic novel where "high-schooler Noel, cosplaying his childhood favorite character at an anime con, becomes an overnight hero after helping a fellow cosplayer, and ends up exploring his gender and discovering new aspects of his identity amid the backdrop of[...]
Anna Kopp & Gabrielle Kari's The Marble Queen OGN Sold To Dark Horse
Anna Kopp tweeted out "I'm thrilled to announce that my sapphic YA F graphic novel The Marble Queen is being published by @darkhorsecomics next year! I'm still in awe that the incredible @gabriellemkari is bringing this story to life, and that soon I'll get to hold the book of my heart in my hands Some[...]
Emma Reynolds Writes Activist Graphic Novel, Drawn to Change the World
Emma Reynolds tweeted "Big news! I'm SO excited to announce our Graphic Novel book 'Drawn to Change The World'!! 16 Youth Climate Activists, illustrated by 16 artists around the world! Massive thank you to the artists, my superb editor @megilnit & my agent Thao Le, & all the @HarperChildrens team! Finally announcing the book I've[...]
Fae And The Moon, New Graphic Novel by Franco Aureliani & The Satruns
Soup by Oliver Gerlach and Kelsi Jo Silva is a new YA graphic novel that tells the story of Soup, a cook in a fantasy world who discovers her boss's villainous grip over her beloved town and decides it's time to dismantle his power through a magical cooking competition Oliver Gerlach is an Edinburgh-based writer of videogames[...]
Nicole Andelfinger & Claudia Aguirre Sweet Valley Twins Graphic Novels
In 2019, Dynamite Entertainment published a Sweet Valley High graphic novel, based on the popular YA novels of the same name Originally announced in 2016, written by Katy Rex and drawn by Devaki Neogi, it was meant to be the first in a series of such volumes, but it was not to be In the[...]
Black Widow Director Assistant Writes YA Graphic Novel School Spirits
Stepping Up is Kiara Valdez and Diana Tsai Santos' debut YA graphic novel together, inspired by Kiara Valdez's life Stepping Up follows Kiara as her hard-fought place on the stepping team helps her navigate freshman year as one of the only Black students at a predominantly white boarding school, Phillips Academy Andover Carolina Ortiz[...]
Fitting Indian YA Graphic Novel Is Never Have I Ever meets Spinning
Fitting Indian is a new YA graphic novel written by comedian and influencer Jyoti Chand and drawn by Tara Anand Pitched as Never Have I Ever meets Spinning, this YA graphic novel follows Nitasha as she navigates pressure and expectations from her traditional South Asian family, the challenges of high school—and her mental health[...]
The House Outside Hart Creek
Paige Hender is creating a new YA graphic novel The House Outside Hart Creek The story follows Edie Birch, a teen who reconnects with her estranged family only to discover secrets and trauma that go back generations When she teams up with a local folklore nerd, their sleuthing leads to the discovery that she comes from[...]
 A Non-Binary Goofy Movie Meets Spirited Away in Love, Misha YA OGN
Danish cartoonist Jam Aden's debut YA graphic novel, Love, Misha has been described as A Goofy Movie meets Spirited Away A story about a non-binary teen and their mother who, during a contentious road trip, take a wrong turn that lands them in the Realm of the Spirits, where they are surrounded by trickster spirits who aren't so keen on[...]
Danger and Other Unknown Risks: A Graphic Novel
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl team Ryan North and Erica Henderson reunite for a new YA graphic novel launching next spring, Danger and Other Unknown Risks, from Penguin Workshop, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Erica tweeted; "AHHH I CAN FINALLY ANNOUNCE THE DYSTOPIAN FANTASY BOOK THAT @ryanqnorth AND I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON WITH @penguinteen It comes[...]
Mystery Brothers: LGBTQ YA Graphic Novel Launching at SDCC
Fresh off Pride Month and Asian-American Heritage Month, filmmaker Quentin Lee is launching his debut YA Science Fiction graphic novel Mystery Brothers at San Diego Comic-Con from July 21st to the 24th The 4-issue graphic novel is the first Asian-American YA Sci-Fi graphic novel to be distributed in partnership with Red 5 Comics. "Mystery Brothers" cover[...]
Strange Case of Harleen & Harley by Melissa Marr & Jenn St-Onge
DC Comics is announcing new original graphic novels in their MG Middle-Grade and YA Young Adult line in 2023 It's part of DC's continuing publishing plan originally announced in 2017, for publication in 2018 Five years later, the line continues apace, though with fewer titles as befits a slimmed-down publisher since then Such as The[...]
Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story by Sarah Kuhn & Arielle Jovallanos
DC Comics is announcing new original graphic novels in their MG Middle-Grade and YA Young Adult line in 2023 It's part of DC's continuing publishing plan originally announced in 2017, for publication in 2018 Five years later, the line continues apace, though with fewer titles as befits a slimmed-down publisher since then Such as Girl[...]
Lamar Giles & Paris Alleyne Create New Static YA Graphic Novel For DC
DC Comics is announcing new original graphic novels in their MG Middle-Grade and YA Young Adult line in 2023 It's part of DC's continuing publishing plan originally announced in 2017, for publication in 2018 Five years later, the line continues apace, though with fewer titles as befits a slimmed-down publisher since then Such as Static:[...]