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YA Graphic Novel Debut Maelstrom by Lora Merriman Sells For 6 Figures
Maelstrom: A Prince Of Evil is a YA graphic novel debut by Lora Merriman, bought at auction by Brian Geffen at Henry Holt along with an unnamed second book Aimed at fans of Nimona, Maelstrom follows a ragtag group of rebels, led by the prophesized Hero of Virtue, who improbably teams up with Maelstrom, the[...]
Joshua Ulrich Sells Graphic Novel, Terrifying Tales Of Vivian Vance
The Terrifying Tales of Vivian Vance: The Horror At Pensmouth is a YA graphic novel by Joshua Ulrich, described as Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets Veronica Mars by way of HP Lovecraft While on a case for a classmate, teen detective Vivian Vance stumbles on a dark secret about her town's history and finds herself face-to-face with horrifying monsters—so[...]
Sarah Mai Sells YA Graphic Novel Freshman Year to Little, Brown
Freshman Year, a debut YA graphic novel by Sarah Mai, was picked up by Jessica Anderson at Little, Brown/Ottaviano to be published in the winter of 2024 Described as a book pitched at fans of Check, Please! and Heartstopper, this coming-of-age story inspired by the author's life chronicles the humor and anguish symptomatic of the college transition, all through the eyes[...]
Panic: Amazon Series A Fun Watch, Tons of Missed Opportunities: Review
Amazon's original new series, Panic, an adaptation of a popular YA novel of the same name by Lauren Oliver, premiered recently…and I struggle with wanting to continue if another season arrives The potential I saw in this series going into it was fairly good It had a unique sense of tension filling the storyline, an[...]
VERSE: Sam Beck’s YA Fantasy Graphic Novel Coming from Wonderbound
Forging a friendship that will change the course of their society, Fife and Neitya take their first steps on an epic adventure through an unforgettable world. "The story of a shared journey is one that feels timeless," said creator Sam Beck "It isn't the promise of adventure or the fantastical things you unearth that draw us[...]
Panic: Amazon's YA Series Adaptation Premiering Memorial Day Weekend
A thrilling new series, developed from the adaptation of a YA novel, is headed to Amazon Prime Video next month This will be the adaptation of the young adult novel Panic by Lauren Oliver The setting has a familiar, almost Hunger Games style, as some small-town Texas teens compete in their senior year for a chance at[...]
What If DC Publish A Poison Ivy Graphic Novel Without Telling Anyone?
On November 29th, courtesy of the Vine And Roses online zine dedicated to the DC Comics character Poison Ivy, ran news about a new YA novel, Poison Ivy: Thorns written by Kody Keplinger and illustrated by Sara Kipin, which "from the description, it looks like a queer gothic romance starring Poison Ivy" Utterly by coincidence, Newsarama[...]
DC Cancels Orders For Zatanna: The Jewel Of Gravesend Graphic Novel
Scheduled for early April 2021, DC Comics has cancelled all retailer orders for the DC YA original graphic novel Zatanna: The Jewel of Gravesend by Alys Arden, Jacquelin De Leon and Ariana Maher DC Comics has told retailers that the graphic novel will be resolicited for release at a later date, but for now, the book[...]
DC Shows Off Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero by E. Lockhart
Bleeding Cool first mentioned Whistle, a new DC Comics YA graphic novel written by E Lockhart and drawn by Manuel Preitano  back in the summer of 2019, a much more innocent age. DC Comics announced upcoming graphic novels yesterday, including my new hero, WHISTLE #dccomics pic.twitter.com/kMRouCGu6E — E Lockhart (@elockhart) June 22, 2019 In August this year, we[...]
Twin Kings Battle: Phil Briones's Kickstarter for YA LGBTQ Comic
Phil Briones is launching a new Kickstarter campaign for his new YA graphic novel Twin Kings Battle this Thursday It covers LGBTQ themes and also influences from manga and Chinese fantasy TV series Without further ado, we present his official press release: "AFTER THE OUTSTANDING SUCCESS OF THE "NOIR IS THE NEW BLACK" ANTHOLOGY, FAIRSQUARE COMICS[...]
Ashley Robin Franklin's YA Graphic Novel 'Hills Of Estrella Roja'
Making sweet and spooky comics with horror and fantasy elements, YA comics, and autobiographical stories, she now has a YA graphic novel, The Hills of Estrella Roja, coming from HMH in 2023. Ashley Robin Franklin's YA Graphic Novel 'Hills Of Estrella Roja' A mysterious email lures Kat to a small Texas town to investigate the strange red[...]
Frontera Graphic Novel
I've studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. They both had a comic book featured in the Eisner award-winning comic magazine Panel X Panel, and together have successfully auctioned their first graphic novel together, a young adult reader title, called Frontera, to be published by HarperCollins in 2023. In a supernatural borderland story that combines social[...]