Ethan Van Sciver And Gail Simone Bring Back Plastic Man… On The Side.

Okay, it's time to go over my notes from Phoenix Comic Con… it's amazing what you hear and then suddenly forget. Unless you write it down. I had Katana, Gillen/Land Iron Man, Justice League Of America… but there's a couple of ones I managed to miss.

And the Outhousers express it very nicely, a book that I have heard referred to as "Bedlam".

"On his upcoming super secret project with Gail Simone- It's a really lame embarrassing silver age character that he's working on in an outside the NU52 kind of way and will be a 100 page horror book. EVS then showed the moderator of the panel a photo of the redesigned character which made him very happy and silenced all at once. The book will feature Plastic Man and hopefully lead to this character entering the Nu52 in some capacity and turn this character into a serious player in the DC universe."

And they also recorded this look at what could have been with The Flash a whole universe ago…

Lastly EVS left us with this. His full name is Ethan Daniel Van Sciver, when jumbled the result is Evil Enhanced Variant…someday he would like to have an Evil Enhanced Variant comic.

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