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One-Star Squadron #1 Review: Uneven
The lineup includes the Heckler, Plastic Man (who's barely seen), G.I Robot, Minute Man, and more … basically, this is a group that Justice League Detroit or the Great Lake Avengers would call "losers." It's not that they don't have power on deck — Don Hall is back from the dead as Hawk & Dove[...]
Ebay Melting Down Over The First Appearance Of Plastic Woman
The word on Friday was that Plastic Man was being written as a female-lead movie from Warners, written by Cat Vasko. Of course, Plastic Man has never been a female character in the comic Or has she? Earth 11 is a reality in the DC Multiverse – or Omniverse – in which the traditional genders of the[...]
Warren Ellis Has a Plastic Man Pitch - If You Dare
Plastic Man is indeed still coming to the big screen But, maybe not how originally intended Cat Vasko has been tapped to pen a new script for the project, which will see Plastic Man become female Vasko has written a bunch of acclaimed indie films, and also did some work on Lumberjanes when it used[...]
Kyle Baker's Plastic Man: Rubber Banded Actually Has A Rubber Band
Kyle Baker and Scott Morse had a critically-acclaimed and Eisner and Harvey award-winning run on Plastic Man back in 2004 It is now being collected in a DC Deluxe hardcover edition, but the planned collection is getting an unexpected upgrade before publication And now Plastic Man: Rubber Banded – Deluxe Edition is getting another FOC[...]
Plastic Man Can't Make Social Distancing Work Either
From the Supergirl digital comic book published yesterday – a new social distancing ad with the Flash and Plastic Man to accompany all the print ones that DC Comics has been running of late Has this one been better thought through than the others? Not a bit of it. Plastic Man Can't Make Social Distancing Work[...]
Terrifics #7 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes
Tom Strong, Mister Terrific, and Plastic Man each get good presentations ranging from imposing and intimidating to visually creative Michael Atiyeh contributes a good color treatment that is consistently bright and dazzling throughout. Terrifics #7 more-or-less continues the slump of last issue, and I am a little disappointed While this issue is decidedly better and at[...]
Plastic Man #3 cover by Alex Ross
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Plastic Man tries to reason with Man-Bat to keep him from attacking When this doesn't work, Eel bluffs by saying he wants to join the Cabal A mysterious voice says that the Cabal doesn't want the likes of Eel, and soldiers with stun batons capable of hurting Plastic Man arrive Eel has no choice[...]
Terrifics #6 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Mike Atiyeh
Plastic Man is facing down a stone monster Phantom Girl is under attack from a horde of crystal warriors Metamorpho is fighting Algon, a creature with the same powers as his own All the while, a mysterious figure watches the team from his base. Terrifics #6 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Mike Atiyeh Terrifics #6 is an[...]
Plastic Man #2 cover by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Plastic Man is scouring the town in search of the young boy he met, Pado Swakatoon When he was ambushed by the police at the murder scene of his old partner, he ran off with Pado back to the kid's hideout in an empty water tower There, Plastic Man and Pado were ambushed by[...]
Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of July 11th, 2018: Superman Begins Anew
Hawkman is back, the book is awesome, and I'm so frigging happy about it. Plastic Man #2 cover by Bilquis Evely and Mat Lopes Plastic Man #2 Plastic Man is still investigating his past, but a secret organization is blackmailing him into helping them Worse yet, his secret identity has gotten out to a few people who weren't[...]
Terrifics #5 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Wil Quintana
Metamorpho has a serious talk with Sapphire, Plastic Man calls Angel, and Phantom Girl tries to get to know Mister Terrific This leaves all four feeling low, and it only worsens when the citizens of a town in Michigan begin turning into Metamorpho-like creatures The Terrifics rally to respond. Terrifics #5 cover by Dale Eaglesham and[...]
Top and Bottom 5 Comics for June 13th, 2018: Hawkman Lives
It also felt like a classic Fantastic Four story, which Zdarsky has proven himself very adept at crafting in this series. Plastic Man #1 cover by Aaron Lopresti 5 Plastic Man #1 Gail Simone does it again with Plastic Man, a charming, well-paced, and funny book about Eel O'Brian This comedy superhero book has some heart to it, and that's what sets[...]