Fox News Commenters On Gay Archie Wedding – Liberals, Cleft Palates And Cannibalism

Fox News Commenters On Gay Archie Wedding – Liberals, Cleft Palates And CannibalismWell, it was only going to be a matter of time. Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the story that Kevin Keller was getting married to his boyfriend in a future "what if" issue of Life With Archie – the same issue in which Archie gets a separation from his wife, Veronica.

Fox News' headline says Archie Comics Announces Gay Character Will Marry — Will Anyone Object?

So, did they? Let's check the comments. You'll all have your favourites. Straight (as it were) out of the gate;

Sallyannio: Is nothing sacred?

Proudvietvet58: Obviously no. Sickening isn't it. I have nothing against gays or lesbians. However, I do have a problem with this kind of shiiit being pushed on our Children and Grandchildren. Just as I would have a problem with my grandchildren being show xxx por no movies in Elementary school. It is morally WRONG.

Fatkinson: Yes, it is.

a6edoc: Not to the hershey highway bandits. Their slogan is – "please don't eat PEANUTS!"
jbeowulf: The homosexual tribe became embarrassed when they were using their status to evade the draft in the Vietnam Conflict, and now want in on some victories; because when Barney Frank looked for his favorite hero, he was hiding in the closet, instead of facing the troubled world in the military.  The military I served has the highest moral codes, and we are going to see new legislation because the military is disallowed to say "no" and we going to get the weirdest viewpoints from sharing the unsafe foxhole, they want you.

aezineo: Don't worry. The Kinsey report said the LGBT were a deviation.  This is not over.  They are a few more bad acts to follow unfortunately until they (LGBT) & society grows up. Did you really think 10 or 20 years ago that parents would have to screen comic books?

caral: I am really disappointed that the folks at Archie felt they needed to cross this line. I am saddened for our society's children, who it seems are not allowed to have any innocence anymore.

ryanfpgh: First, Gay Marriage. Next, Cannibalism

lemonlimne: .….and for "diversity" sake, we should also allow beast ial ity and ch i l d   moles st tion too, just so liberals would not be offended and for the sake of "inclusiveness."  Liberals:  Is everything anyone does just fine with you?  Do you have any limits on anything?

cretanion: Won't last long. He will get HIV within the week and so will the cartoonist. Just like this behavior eventually all things turn to craap.

groovygoober: Let the perversion begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pzb145: This world is becoming sicker by the day. These yoyos only want publicity  and increased sales and don't realize or don't care the harm they will do. sick sick sick

libertea1776: As a kid I read hundreds of Archie Comic Books and I always favored Veronica, the brunette, over Betty the blonde. I guess that's why I married a shapely brunette? Now some young kid is going to get fixated on a dude? That's sick!


nomorecommies: more FILTH from the Godless left

gotaidsyet: F*(k Archie comics.

meddigan: How is it that the gay lobby is so powerful they get full public acceptance when it clearly is unnatural? Before you freak out, I don't wish it outlawed, but it SHOULD NOT be held up as "normal and regular" to the world. IMO

ozy275: That's been one of my favorite comics. Sorry to see it go, but I'm not paying to read about gay folks !!!

tekwrite: What you do in your bedroom is between you and God. But dont ram it down MY throat with blatant parades and now children's comics.

cubefarmer: Yet another Media pervert trying to push underage kids into his bedroom.

whiteshark777: Wow! I used to read this as a kid and always wanted my children to read it but that'll NEVER happen now.

candrillsafe: liberalism is a sickness, a disease.

keyley: Oh, brother is this going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to far to the left.  Never going to get another Archie comic to walk down memory lane, that's for sure!!!!  Nothing like advancing agendas, huh?

sixteenguns: Sick comic for a sick society. PERIOD.

strong>Pastoress: Sad that a comic that use to promote good, clean, mor als has fallen to the liberal agenda. I will NEVER again buy or promote anything related to Archie comics.

patriotalpha: They take Go d away from us then force their Ga y abominat ion on us and whine when we get p is sed off at them. There will be pay back in 2012!

marauder19: This is disgusting. I am sick and freaking tired of this politically correct bull $hit. This is nothing more. It is getting to the point in this country that if you are a heterosexual white man you must be some kind of evil, bigoted, racist, minority suppressing devil. There is nothing wrong with gays and lesbians having a civil union and gaining the same rights as a married couple. This is going to gays and lesbians claiming protected status under affirmative action which will lead companies nation wide having to sacrifice standards of hiring and performance and hiring and promoting less qualified people just because they are afraid of lawsuits.

theykilledme: The homosexual agenda is complete domination over all things period. They will not be satisfied until they can sit all children down, sort of like Alex DeLarge in "A Clockwork Orange" and have them view homosexual acts on screen until they "get it".
Another homosexual agenda is the suppression of the freedom of religion. They would ban the Bible if they had their way.
Finally, their cause like most boils down to money. They want money.

holdon3: Archie was a good comic strip when I grew up. Now that they are supporting and encouraging a perverted lifestyle choice it is no longer fit to read.

beentough: People having a cleft palate are also a minority, but I don't see them having to tout it all over.

What's wrong with this?  Wrong question.  The correct question is What's right with this?

depot: A child's comic book characters participating in a gay marriage…targeted pedophilia is the first thought that comes to my mind.  Pornography, nothing less.

nastcat: Just for the record, why is it always a Jew who promotes gayness. It is factual knowledge that there are an overwhelming number of Jews who are gay. Since the Jews control the media, everyday, they bombard people with their little fudge buddies and how "normal" their life style is. Here is a news flash—-It is not normal!!!!

usmc8692: Really,,, Really,,,  So the agenda is CRAM it down their throats till they give up?!!!  Cram, Cram, CRAM,, if you dont like it or "tolerate it" you are a homophobe,,,,, when all reality is,,, you are NORMAL!! AND 98% of the population,, yet THEY want you to think you are wrong…. AYFKM?!?!?

bobbie51: Just one more example of how the Gaey agenda is pushing itself into every corner of traditional American life and values. First Ga-ey adoption, how sick is that.  Then Ga-ey marriage, so wrong. Then military members openly Ga-ey prancing around in uniform and having their "special" meetings at the Officer's Club, isn't that special. Now comics for children. Makes me want to puke. Why won't they just go away.

ricknnc: And to think, 55 years ago I joined the Archie Fan Club….. Please send back my quater, and 3 box tops….. By the way…the spy ring was a piece of junk….

frankzzz: You are all closed-minded! I should be allowed to marry my bicycle – after all we are already intimate. After that I can marry my sister and my cousin (a guy) and have a mass wedding for all us in G A Y ol Seattle where we can all collect on each others health and social security benefits.

Then we will all get in a hand basket and move to a place where the climate is a lot warmer.

dudespeaks: I will boycott their move by not purchasing Archie comic$ in the future, … which won't be hard as I don't read Archie now.

porkandbeaner: Where does it all end?  It's amazing how such a small, radical segment of society can create so many problems for us normal folk.  I love women!

donegalgeorge: Marriage equality?  There is no such thing except in the minds of those who pervert every natural behaviour in the name of liberalism and political correctness.

bobai: Nothing and no one is safe from the agendists.  Brainwashing at all levels will continue until everyone is reprogrammed, like the id1ot libturd sheeple.

jimtuffit: When will they add heroin, crack and meth users?  Shouldn't they feel safe?  Maybe they could add a pharmacy that hands out free needles…

ohsure: This used to be a childhood favorite of mine.  No more, no way, no how.

tmcgin: It should be cancelled.  The "consenting adults" argument has never been valid to justify anything wrong.  Everyone's actions affect others directly or indirectly.  If someone chooses to be homosexual because they had these feelings as a child, they are in error.  It's against nature or creation.  Many children consider stealing, suicide, murder, lying, but most decide against these.

Ron: OK.  Xmen su ck.  Still dont like it when comics push social issues.  Donnesbury/Bloom county/etc can do it.  But they are political comics.  Funny (suppose to be funny) comics that all of the sudden try to push a social comment just isnt right.  You say God in a government building, they want to hang you, say ho mo in a comic, you are doing social enlightenment.  Now that pis ses me off.

tainosabino: Sign O' The Times…and it'll only get more perverse as time marches on

haneyr: Next month they will have three illegal aliens being found to have been living in the archie basement. This will be followed by the discovery that archies neighbor is a pedo-phile that helped shape archies life style. And early next year in time for the elections archie's mom will reveal that archie is half-black.

padencaldwell: libs just can't destroy america fast enough. after the libs get evicted from washinton, we have lots of work to do removing the liberal-ism from america

jbeowolf: It has been 48-years, thereabouts, since the U.S. Supreme Court removed prayer from the schools, that has been interpreted as disinfectant and curettage to remove any reference of God: The Federal government was never interpreted to be mandatory atheist in the Constitution.  Culture takes about 30-years to change the reigns of authority, as the older generation lets go, then the younger generation takes leadership.  We should be seeing godless become the routine theme of Archie, we are also entering the MTV generation being empowered at it is 30-years-old, as Archie comics appears ready to drop any Christian pretenses.

duckedup: O.K.—this'll show my age, but ——- I still remember when cartoons and comics were more focused on entertainment, humor, and fun. Now they have to be so dam n P.C.!! Where to go to get away from it all?? (Next, I'll hear The Pink Panther is a LIBERAL!) YIKES!!!!!!!

cetanwakuwa: Well, they made Superman renounce his U.S. citizenship (Action Comics #900), tried to make Bert & Ernie enter a g@y marriage, so why not also corrupt Archie? Let's not leave anything in America sacred, right? .02% of the population might be offended or feel left out, so  $ C R E W  the other 99.98% of the population. Since we're so fond of revising our fictional characters, I want Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin to become fervent anti-illegal alien activists, beginning EVERY show with the announcement, "Hey, Mexicans, if you won't come here LEGALLY, then stay the  F * C-K  back in your little $H1TH0LE south of the border"!

foregivenes: Got to be kidding me I used to love reading Archie comics after this I say no way! I will never want my kids to read Archie comics

washandwax: It will always be abnormal, perverted, twisted, vexing, evil, damning, and destructive, no matter how they try to  rationalize it.

marvl: This is small peanuts.  Wait for the January issue of Superman.  It will
be revealed that Superman is gay.  In the story, he has the hots for
Batman, but Batman rebukes him.  Superman, in a rage, rapes Batman.  The
Dick of Steel proves to much, and Batman bleeds to death from a
ruptured anus.

bobmarley2: Who actually READS Archie comics?

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