In Which The Opportunity To Hear Will Smith Say "Welcome Back To Earth" Is Missed – Saturday Trending Topics

independence day alienOh Roland Emmerich, what an opportunity lost. I still have faith in an ID sequel, but let's hope "totally unusual" means you won't be destroying the White House for the third time.

Most-Read Comic Stories Saturday:

The Entire History Of The Marvel Universe Is Now Post 9/11…

The Fantastic Four's space flight, the thawing of Captain America, the setting up of Xavier's school, the arrival of Thor, the kidnap of Tony Stark, the appearance of Galactus and the Silver Surfer, etc etc, all happened in the early 21st century. And it's all post 9-11.

Neal Adams' The Walking Dead 

Neal Adams is adding his art to new printings of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's The Walking Dead #1 for Wizard World, the colour version being given away next weekend at Wizard World New York Comic Con to all full price attendees, the black-and-white to VIP attendees, those who buy premiere packages.

Talking To Todd Mcfarlane About…. Stuff 

Ask a comic book fan about Todd McFarlane and they'll probably tell you one of three things: he draws a great Spider-Man; he created Spawn; he has a huge ego.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Saturday:

Plot Details And New Character Images For How To Train Your Dragon 2

Let's start with the plot blurb. This is a description of Dragon 2 that I've never seen anywhere else.

Will Smith Not Coming Back For "Totally Unusual" Independence Day Sequel 

Twentieth Century Fox announced their official plans for an Independence Day sequel this week by publishing its 2015 release date, but so far, they haven't made even a single other detail of the project public.

He Had To Think About It, But William Fichtner Is Playing Shredder In Ninja Turtles

There was a veil of pseudo-secrecy over William Fichtner's casting in Jonathan Liebesman's Ninja Turtle movie. It led me to post a story with the headline


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