John Constantine – DC's Man In Black

Yesterday I told you that John Constantine was coming back to the DC Universe.

And tomorrow, while Doctor Who is on, current Hellblazer writer, who is also writing a number of Flashpoint books, Peter Milligan will be talking about John Constantine with Andy Diggle, Jamie Delano and David Lloyd as part of the London Sci Fi Festival. Andy Diggle tweeted earlier…

Me, Delano, Lloyd & Milligan on a Hellblazer panel this Saturday. We'll see how the audience feels about JC going DCU:

Well I think that this silhouette is self explanatory now, isn't it?

Especially considering the solicitation for Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing written by ex-DC editor Jonathan Vankin says, "Following the events of Brightest Day, the new protector of Earth has been chosen. But one reluctant hero making his return to the DCU is trying to convince Batman, Superman and the others heroes of the DC Universe that this may not be a good thing, because he can see that things are not right and mankind's brightest days are indeed over."

Well, reluctant hero, with a history with Swamp Thing… it should be obvious. But the real clue? Look at the poses of his arms. Look at the light source on the other characters. The silhouetted figure?

He's smoking.

Cut and dried, isn't it?

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