Kickstarter From The Heart: Matt Dixon's Transmissions 2 Is Full Of Contemplative Robots

By Olly MacNamee

With the initial £2000 pledge met within days, Matt Dixon's proposed sequel to his 2013 book, Transmissions, a fun filled collection of Dixon's love for robots, is no longer a proposition but a reality.

fbdbba63a22822ff776c13492a74195c_originalSo why bother looking at the ongoing Kickstarter campaign? Well, there are always the added perks that come with posting a stretch goal. With additional funding, Matt tells me he is planning on added extra pages to the book. And that's not all.

Not only is the campaign allowing me to collect a whole host of new robot artwork together as I'd hoped, it's also helping to fund the creation of new art (for the book).

With a long list of clients, including Wizards of the Coasts and Blizzard, Dixon is a modern master of B Movie sci-fi and fantasy art, with a knowing nudge and a wink shared with his audience. Maybe better known for the aforementioned genres, Dixon's lifelong love of robots has seen him once again return to this theme. After all, who doesn't love a robot, after all?

45b78d89d62092e7871a8595aad83bdf_originalSo, with over two weeks left (at time of writing), it could well be worth taking a look. And, with an estimated delivery date of December, you could well have a copy by Christmas.


For more details, click here to be transported to Dixon's Kickstarter page.


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