Lauren Looks Back: Thank You, Adam West

For the past week I've been trying to think of what I could say about one of the most iconic Batman actors, Adam West, who sadly passed away on June 9th. I was driving into PA for a photoshoot when I got a call from my friend Jay about it. To be honest I was a little shocked. I knew he had been sick, and his handler was saying this would be West's last year doing cons. Adam West's Batman had a shockingly huge impact on me. My mom would turn the TV on when we got home everyday for background noise. When I was 2 or 3 I became keenly aware of the caped crusader and his sidekicks Robin and Batgirl, as they fought against The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, and more. The brightly colored show and "do good" attitude of the heroes drew me in. My life would never be the same after that. Thank you, Adam West.

Thank You, Adam West - Tribute - Batman 1966 TV

Shortly after my parents figured out I was a Batman fan, my dad took me to see Batman in 1989. The movie was a crazy contrast to the bright, comic-like world of Batman 66, but I loved it. I met Mr. West at Big Apple Comic Con in 2008. I stood in line for him to sign my Batman 66 movie, we said a few words, and I went on with life. I've seen him floating around cons here and there, and for the most part he seemed to be enjoying it. His attitude towards Batman wasn't always positive, but overtime he came to celebrate his time as the Caped Crusader, and was more than happy to share him time with his fans all across the world.

Today, as I'm watching a WWE pay per view with my dad, I'm still celebrating Mr. West's life and legacy. My dad and I still watch and talk about his Batman show (and we even have a Batman Stern pinball machine with his autograph on it), which was honestly the first thing I remember bonding over with my dad. So thanks, Mr. West, for the lifetime of memories you've left for myself and countless others. Thank you, Adam West.



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