Machete Kills Again… In Space Trailer

I don't get to see a lot of Robert Rodriguez's movies (I think my stance on horror movies is well documented around these parts) but I do find it amusing that he and Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth make these fake trailers for movies that aren't real yet.

The newest one, though, apparently does have some semblance of a chance of getting made, as it's a second sequel to his Machete and the most recent Machete Kills, both starring Danny Trejo as the titular vigilante who kills people in increasingly creative ways. It's called Machete Kills Again… In Space, and it was apparently already shown at the beginning of Machete Kills, but either way, it's pretty self-explanatory.


Certainly, these films have their dedicated fans, but they seem to be getting increasingly silly and more importantly, they're kinda starting to taper off at the box office, so who knows if we'll get to see this one. And I guess that means Thanksgiving is definitely never going to happen.

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