Is Marvel Putting Blatant Left-Wing Antifa Politics In Their Spider-Man Comics?

It's happened again. Marvel Comics has put the most blatant Antifa storylines and characters in their comics. Far from the innocent comic books you or I read when we were children, these are politically minded pieces of propaganda designed to turn young readers into Antifa activists through clumsy characters and stupid storylines.

And this latest example comes from someone you might have thought would have known better, Gerry Conway, who created the conservative right-wing icon, The Punisher. So what has led him to turn like this? Maybe no one with such politics can get published at Marvel Comics these days, so he has been forced to prostitute his art?

Either way, he has tainted his copybook with this Antifa propaganda sheet masquerading as a superhero comic book I picked up at the comic store. I don't know where Nick Spencer is, maybe he got the week off. Anyway.

The cover starts well, depicting a classic black villain on a skateboard, and no one could have any problem with that. The fight with Spider-Man happening above, is just an exchange of views from groups who have good people on both sides and provides the backdrop. But, inside the pages, everything is different in this social justice bait-and-switch, in a story that just wouldn't have been published a couple of decades ago.

Rather than a backdrop, this exchange of frank views becomes the focus for the comic book, as Marvel declines to show both groups in an equal light. All this group wanted to do was march with their religious-themed tiki torches and they get intolerance and bigoted opposition, without any attempt to show the good people on their side.

And far from being the bad guy, Rocket Racer is actually portrayed as a good guy, even as he calls the crowd 'scum' worthy of being wiped out. As opposed to the skinhead white supremacists who would never suggest such a thing. Well, not as openly.

Finally, Spider-Man gets his act together and stops the Racer from punching a 'Nazi', acclaimed by the group for such an action. But this is a false moment ahead of what is to come.

And the good people on one side at least, realise it. And remember Eddie The Cross's facial scarring is just unfortunate, he was born that way, and yet he is judged by all those around him for his patriotic verve.

And even as Web Of Spider-Man continues to portray neo-nazi white supremacists as something less than upstanding members of the community, at least Spider-Man inner-monologues a #NotAllSkinheads equivocation.

But it's too late, Rocket Racer tells everyone that he's going to break open the heads of the skinheads. This is clearly a response to the Charlottesville marches, and Marvel is clearly presenting the most extreme Antifa opinion as a valid choice, with only an "uh oh" from Spider-Man to oppose it. How can Marvel SJWers allow commissioning this kind of comic in the twenty-first century? Any vulnerable child reading this will be instantly radicalised.

Again, the comic seems to justify and exhort extreme vigilante behaviour against people who simply have different ideas about politics, hassling and hurting those they oppose, another example of millennial angst infecting comics and a guaranteed sign that Marvel Comics sales are going to fall to the floor in Trump's America.

Marvel then shows their true colours, if anyone could have been in doubt, and caricatures those who simply want some kind of racial purity as the most monstrous of supervillains. This straw man politics is the kind of thing that never happened back in the day but now seems de rigeur. When we were kids, we just got simple, escapist entertainment, now we get white supremacist bad guys and what's worse of all…

…they even take away his genitalia, the ultimate insult.

Then stand around espousing political slogans, while fighting among themselves. Do you think Conway is on Hillary Clinton's paypacket right now? What would Marvel chairman and major Trump donor Ike Perlmutter think of this kind of thing? Should we write to him and let him know?

Oh and then the real political twist, the kind of thing that Marvel editors would never have allowed when I was a kid. The big bad Nazi is actually Jewish!

Surely everyone, even the SJWs will be offended by this twist, they might as well cancel Spider-Man at this point. Delete your comic, Marvel.

It's just politics, politics, politics! What happened to Spider-Man from the eighties, where editors and writers wouldn't tell stories about their political beliefs, just about beating up the Vulture or Venom? Marvel might as well throw in the towel.

UPDATE: It has just been pointed out to me, again, rather than a Spider-Man comic from 2018, this is actually from the late nineteen-eighties. Turns out these actually are the comics I read as a child, when Marvel sales prospered, Spider-Man continued as a stronger franchise than ever and everyone turned out fine. You'd have thought I'd have learnt my lesson the last time I did this. Seems not…

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